Big Smoke

this here is my boy big smoke. smoked out, black on black. right click ‘view image’ for bigger pictures.

  • 4130 chromoly forks and frame 52cm
  • 4130 chromoly bars 1" rise / 20.5" wide
  • The Shadow Conspiracy Finger Banger grips
  • noname headset
  • noname alloy stem
  • noname black deep V rims
  • 3/8 sealed bearing alloy track front hub
  • 3/8 sealed bearing double sided alloy track rear flip flop hub
  • Alloy 130 BCD sprocket
  • 48-16
  • Shadow Interlock V2 chain
  • Subrosa Pivotal slim seat
  • Shadow Alfred seat clamp
  • Front tektro
  • Shadow platforms with bogear straps

That’s damn sexy.

Very nice, almost identical to mine, though mine has yellow wheels and bullhorns.

Very similar frame colour, really liking the minimalistic appearance.

Mallum’s look the goods and are no doubt sturdy, but at a cost to weight.
specs say just over 10kg’s :expressionless:

das troo the 52 was juuuuuust 11. but the brake tipped me over a lil more… malums are da bidness tho. i have no real intention to trick, just wanted something mad strong, cause im not amazingly gentle. just have to lose the ass breakin bmx saddle.

sexy’s what i do!

got any blacker?!

very nice build love the simplicity

wasnt much of a build. malums come almost stock like this. just added the brake. was going to strip it all and airbrush this pattern… but liked how it didnt stand out instead

Black as

nice ride

not minding these two word feed back posts actually. i think the bike looks awesome! that frame colour offsets the straight black really well.nice ride dude!

very smooth…

love it.

Love that look, want something in black myself now!