Big Trouble in Little China(town) [MEL] - 27.03.09

Big Trouble in Little China(town) - an Urban Omnium


Date: Frida, 27th March
Meet: Spring and Lonsdale St
Time: 6:30pm
(7pm rollout to secret event location so DON’T BE LATE)

$5 for full omnium (sprints, trackstand and quickstop) - generous sponsor prizes and cash

gold coin entry for ‘winner take all’ rounds of footdown, trackstand twister and whatever else afterwards…

Helmets required for sprints

Sponsor announcements and formal flyer to come soon…

Also we will need a couple of peeps to help out so if you are interested drop Nik or I a PM!


could the secret event location possibly be chinatown?

I presume this is a fixed brakeless only event with the quickstop, otherwise i could whip out the disc brakes.

Yeah, quickstop will be brakeless (you can have a brake on your bike we will just make sure you don’t use it for that event). But brakes and freewheels are more than welcome for the other events. If you want to bring your bike with a freewheel anybody is welcome to use my bike for the quickstop.

Count me in! :slight_smile:

Early tip for favourite…

sounds good dudes,i,m in…brendan has his war face on in that photo…

Pah! That’s no war face.

This is a war face.

haha ,awesome :evil:

if only we could convince the boy to race alleycats…

hey, given we already know about trackstand and quickstop, you guys should tell us more about the sprints. i got my eye on them. unless fucking cuz bro turns up.

There will be corners and hills, heats, semis and a final. Not your standard sprints though.

Through the tunnel ??,but i will have to get a day pass as i dont have an etag!

can cuz bro even trackstand, ive never seen him stand still for more than 5secs, and his chance in quickstop is if he does it leg-over-the-bars style :-o

remember its an omnium*… best overall performance

  • management reserves the right to re-intepret official omnium events, points and rules at their own discretion. :wink:

cuz bro will win the superman though.

And for anybody with Facebook here is the event:

Please invite your friends on facebook yeah ok?

nice flyer. i’ll prob get along if i’m in town.

solid job on the flyer.

dont thank us, thank mr flyer aka aquaman aka pink potato (i think he likes cam more though) :smiley: