Big Wet

How are you faring? Making any preparations for the river peak?

We’re on a ridge so no flooding other than our pool. Power’s out due to downed trees.

Post some pictures and stay safe.

Just loading some pics from a ride around Brissie this afternoon, post storms.
back shortly.

I just rode home and got a little bit wet. It’s a little windy I suppose.

So to start, there is no MTB for a while. Daisy Hill State Forest is closed.

Decide to grab my Pomp (32mm tyres, mtb gearing and v-brakes, perfect post disaster bike) and head into town.

Bikeway along SE Freeway was either strewn with branches and the odd tree, or flooded.

Looking down from the Green bridge.

Coro drive bikeway was a tad wet.

West End side was a little better.

Ran into this guy practising for the upcoming CX races on his Lynskey by riding in the overflow from the river.

Nice pic’s Gordy.
I did a ride around my area this afternoon, apart from some minor flooding I saw a couple of big tree’s down. Keep safe people.

We had some water come in downstairs at our place. We are pretty high where we are and not listed as a flood risk at all. The problem was that the ground, having soaked up as much as it could, just refused to take any more water so it started pooling all around our front and backyards. I spent yesterday cleaning out downstairs and trying to dry out stuff as best as I could as my biggest concern now is mold.

Also went for a walk down to Mowbray Park, some big trees there got totaled by the storm.

we survived, no leaks, no damage, no black outs!!

the chickens had to teach themselves how to swim however :slight_smile:

Wipe everything down with clove oil diluted Dan,
Bleach/chlorine works temporarily, but mainly just bleaches it.
It should be gone if we get some wind and heat.

But yeah that moldy smell sucks, I’m going to have a lot of calls about leaks this week I think.

Thanks Dayne, a workmate here swears by clove oil so I’ll give it a shot.

works for teeth problems too

The sheer amount of water here in Rocky is beyond amazing… We only peaked on Sunday a week after everyone else…

This is a inland lake about 5 km long and wide which was grazier land