Bigadz' 'Attack of the Buns' route help/info/advice

Did Harry use panniers when you did it?

I just had a look back through your 'gram, and he only had his rack bag, sans panniers

No pannies for Patches

You could do it with panniers, might suck in some spots, but you’ll get through

i was thinking about leaving the rack on as a way to carry my tent actually. ideally though, i don’t wanna take panniers.

hey adam/keith, just curious, what’s the terrain like between the start and WW campground? forest/sandy/gravelly?


Mostly really good. Just the usual occasional firetrail ruts and bumps and a little creek crossing, which is a great place for lunch (see the photo of Tom bombing through it.

excellent news, cheers.

just home from an 88km/985m vert day that was pretty chill, but i’m kinda cooked now too. all up we were riding for 5hrs, 7hrs with food/bike mech/photo stops.

guess we’ll just need to get an early start for that first day.

I haven’t ridden out there Rolly but the pie I ate at Dojo in Braidwood while driving through was absolutely bloody sensational! They’re down behind another shop but well worth seeking out.

Dojo bread is definitely on the list, can’t beat a good quality pie/baked good. thanks mate.

have pulled up preeeeeeeetty tight after yesterday’s ride, lower back & the hamstring they took a bit of for my knee recon mainly.

Absolutely avoid the big Braidwood Bakery. It’s popular but completely and utterly mediocre. Dojo is just down the hill a few metres in a laneway. If for some reason Dojo is closed there’s a great little cafe at the bottom of the hill across the road from the IGA.

Bugger about the knee, mate.

will definitely be taking notes from this thread before we go.

knee is actually ok, it’s the shortened hamstring in the same leg.

coupla stretches, should be ok…

Also a good place for a proper meal and coffee before hitting up Dojo for some takeaway sourdough

driving up to canberra this weekend.

great time for us both to get a cold.

If you make me sick I will punch you in the rolly pouch.

pretty sure smooching won’t pass on any germs.

i’m sure you’ll be fine, you probably live a wholesome existence and eat proper meals with plenty of fruit and veg etc. unlike my life at the moment which appears to be severely lacking in the balanced diet department.

Noted for Sunday night. You need nourishment.

i’m about to go and get supplies to make a big fuck off batch of chicken, veg and barley soup.

Good decision, Rolo. Soup is the perfect food for bikepacking!

Gotta use that Ti mug for something.

all packed & ready to roll out for Casa del Ezy tmrw morning.

still fighting this cold.

decided to give it a crack anyway. hopefully it all pans out ok.