biggest chainring i've seen

in all it’s glory

Never used 64 tooth Vintage Campagnolo Track Chainring on eBay (end time 02-Jun-11 20:41:03 BST)

that’s not a chainring, that’s a 26" wheel.

that’s a spoon

There is no spoon.

67 x 13. Was built by Graham Obree to attack the world hour record in late 09.

What was he thinking, that thing in 09.
No wonder he pulled out due to the bike not being suitable.

It’s funny coz it’s true.

He was set to compete in the “athletes hour record”. Meaning the record must be set on a steel bike with traditional geometry, the wheels must have wire spokes, and the bike must run drop bars.

jklp you gonna buy it to smash the track with?

I love the monster chainring. You could still get as low as about 72 gear inches on that chain ring using a 24t track cog ( see FIXED SPROCKET, COG - 24T TRACK | eBay ). That could look seriously intimidating from a distance (i.e. when you’re too far away to notice the unusually large cog). Also great for haters of compact drive (a.k.a. Microdrive).

it could probably also rip into your calf and/or cause catastrophic pants failure :stuck_out_tongue:

Most likely used for motorpacing

You could say that!
Imagine attaching that for the scratch race…

would more likely just cut your chainstay in half

Yeah but its got some funky ass geo.
The dude seems like a bit of a legend though.

The bike is as long and low as the UCI permit. The long wheelbase makes it more stable at speed while the relaxed geometry and set back saddle mean the bike responds quicker and likes to hold a straight line.

Interesting bike. Even more interesting person.