Biggest rise Riserz?

I’m looking for some risers but they have to have a big rise, hopefully over 3 inches.
I need a clamp size of 25.4 for a Jag NJS stem
I love the shape of these

I obviously can’t have them with a cross bar becuase they won’t fit into the stem.
These without the cross bar in silver would be perfect.

sorry, couldn’t resist

check the ones on my frezoni. gear will hav them back instock in a few weeks. 25.4 clamp

second result down dude:
Let me google that for you

Check out some of the UK dirt jumping mtb bars.
These supposedly have a 60mm rise. Tioga R60 Riser Bar | Buy Online |

Thanks Gyp. They’re exactly what I am looking for.

I have some of these sitting in the shed PM if your intrested.

SPANK Bike’s website/tools for superheroes

Are they silver?
I am interested.

iMiNUSD — iDR2 | iDR4

iMiNUSD rizorzzz 4" rize

nice…but sweep :confused:

Are they in Gyp?