A Big Red Bike

New bike, one that fits me this time too. This time a 57c-c/61c-t seat tube, compared to the 54c-c of the old one.
KHS Flite 100. Bought it complete from work a few weeks back, stripped it down, off to the powder coater, and finally added some new bits to suite me.

nice, red frames always look good for some reason

it’s coz they always go faster!!

that aint big, this is big:

but seriously, nice bike.

Nice one Daniel, good to see you have a bike that fits you better than the other one.


The black wheels look perfect with that frame colour.
I love the photo too…great stuff.

It’s not as nice as mine.


Nice one Dandandandan.

Imagine if that had suicide shifters on it… changing gears would be quite a task/sight

Not for the gorilla armed rider.

Red is an awesome colour!