Bike buying SCAM

Ok so I’m selling my bike on here, ebay and Bicycling Classifieds. Guy gets in touch: Cottenden Edwards - Chief Petroleum Engineer
Engineer&Technology |Sustainable Engineering®
E: | W:
A: "95 Bunarba Rd, Gymea Bay NSW 2227. Australia…

Claims he be sending payment through Pay Pal and will organise courier. Works off sure his employer has an international courier company that will pick up and so on. The courier will cost $700 (bells start ringing) anyway. I receive an email from Pay Pal stating the money for the bike plus postage is being transferred. All I have to do is transfer the postage cost (through western union, lol) and the entire sum will be released. You guessed it, no pending payment in my Pay Pal account.

So, forwarded all our payment communications to Pay Pal and yeah, all bullshit. I saw member Goose has his Trek for sale here also has it on the classifieds so though I would share this one. Might save you two days thinking you have a buyer. Peace.

FYI the Fake Pay Pal email really looked the beans hey!! I’m gonna spend the night learning how to spam bomb. Personal mantra: Fuck em, and tell em Fuck em

Tell him user Sabalas has a nice track bike from the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games for sale…

scammers scamming each other would be fun to watch

I’m already on to it.

I got hit 3 times on the weekend.

Firstly its a scam beacuse the txt message phone number is
+1 (518) 768-7382 and similar for the other two.
So it’s definately US based, I tried to dial it just for the sake of it,
& it notify’s list’s on my phone, NY, USA.

I managed to track one of the numbers down to Clarkesville, NY State.

I gave them a nice reply just for the sake of it.

“F$%k off you (mod deleted) scamming co^head.
I’ll hunt you down and cut your balls off and stuff them down your mums throat! XXX”

& the next one, which I told him I might come visit in a few weeks.

I am coming to NY in 2 weeks. How about you give me cash!
I know where Clarksville is, I can come there, take your cash, then beat the fuck out of you and see how you feel to be scammed.
You just fucked with the wrong guy!!!
Now that I’ve played you for a few days, you should be scared you fuckin scum. See you in a fortnight.
Love Adam XXX

They replied up until then…
they must not want the bike anymore…

Very eloquent.

hmmm. If I lived in Nigeria I’d probably be scamming people as well.

always reminds me of this.



geeze goose thats pretty much fluent QLD bogan right there :wink:

Yeah I recon his post code is more like 4114 not 4500 hey c@#t

ask them for an email address and send them some crazy trojans and viruses.

haha ol’Woodrigde.

Dont worry aye cuz, I learnded well. Im originally a Western Sydney boy.
(could probably organise a drive by or something in a fully sic Lancer or WRX)

2165 Respect bruttha

glow in the dark condoms and herpes?

^ this hahaha

Funny shit, I went to Green Acer Primary, played for the Ingelburn Eagles and am still a Bull Dog’s fan. I like the lebs in Brisbane better than the ones in Western Sydney but hey! Sic Sic Sic

I like how you handled this situation

hahah born and breed bogans the both of ya.

i’m from a small shitty town in NZ so i’m guilty of the same thing. i still love a mean Rx3 and like to watch burnouts.

If you don’t like burnouts there’s somthing wrong with you.
Same goes with old cars and drag racing.

Back on topic, same dodgy buyers hit me up while selling two bikes on gumtree. “Send me your paypal account details and address and I’ll send the courier around”

One was from a similar sounding buyer, I work OS, but will organize a local courier, yeah right!

Foa version of the p-p-p-powerbook
The Powerbook Prank: He wanted a Powerbook. We gave him a P-P-P-Powerbook!

Just got texted by a guy playing the same scam, I think they have an algorithm which finds people advertising things on Gumtree that have a paypal acc. then just start texting. As soon as they say “whats your firm price? and can you send pics?” even though there are plenty of photos on the ad you know its a scam.