Bike check one two

After reading i decided it was time to contribute.

My name is Adam and these are my bikes.


Frame: Hallmark (from Ceres) 27" frame with 700c fork. Rattle canned fresh apple and alpine white.
Wheels: Miche pista hubs laced to white nm deep v’s. 36H 3x.
Crank/bb: Sugino maxi, Shimano sealed.
Pedals: Mks sylvan.
Straps/clips: Soma four gate toeclips and double straps both white.
Gear ratio: 44/17.
Headset: Tange.
Stem: Nitto technomic 50mm.
Bars: Nitto Rb 21, 42cm with the ends chopped down. Soma white grips and a bit of cloth tape in the middle.
Saddle: Kashimax Five gold FG4P white.
Post: A bit scratched.

I built her a little over a year and a half ago and have since made a few changes. Mainly bars and pedals. I have an original photo somewhere, will try to find it. She was pretty dented when i picked her up from ceres, but auto bogged her holes, filed off the braze on’s and built her up. The top tube is pretty long hense the short stem. Mad toe overlap, slack seat tube angle, but gets the job done.

Midnight Murderer.

Frame: SE Lager with 2 skull stickers from smiggle, rattle canned midnight purple.
Wheels: Formula hubs, alex rims.
Crank/bb: Crap with a blue chainring.
Pedals: Wellgo.
Straps/clips: Soma four gate toeclips and double straps.
Gear ratio: 42/16.
Stem: BBB Highrise.
Bars: Cheap risers, chopped. Blue dirt harry lever.

I bought this off a friend for a hundo specifically to fix it into a pub/rainy weather bike and to try and wheelie (still trying).

Be gentle…

nice bikes adam, lovin the colour of the first one :smiley:

I have a 27 inch hallmark as well, its too small for me so I need a new frame. how is yours treating you

nice work dude! that apple green colour is cool

For a 27" that looks great… there isn’t much clearance under the seat stay bridge. I like the apple colour.

those bike look awesome. where did u get the top tube pads from?? i’m looking for a whole black one

Thanks guys.

Posted by: Aeons of flat Posted on: October 08, 2009, 08:36:20 PM
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I have a 27 inch hallmark as well, its too small for me so I need a new frame. how is yours treating you

Good. Its much tighter with a 700c fork and a halflink in the chain to close the gap between the seat tube and the rear wheel.

Posted by: lungggg Posted on: October 09, 2009, 06:02:40 PM
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those bike look awesome. where did u get the top tube pads from?? i’m looking for a whole black one

also, how do you quote things? The insert quote link wouldn’t work.

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thanks for the tip, also
that midnight murderer, did you ever lend it to a friend who’s friend crashed it spectacularly on the Brunswick Velodrome, cause I swear there was a bike there CALLED the midnight murderer

Jebus, small world.
My housemates friends boyfriend & his friends were doing some olympic-esque events and needed a bike to race, so i lent them my shitter one and one of the dudes stopped pedalling and crashed it. The murderer took it well though, only needed a new chainring. That was maybe five months ago? The guy who crashed was hating life.

Nice! Sorry for the stupid question, but is the top one a track frame? I would’ve assumed it was (little clearance on the front wheel, track ends) but then you mention shaving the braze-ons and got it from CERES(?!), so I thought maybe it was the change of forks?

that crash was hilarious, I was like, wow he survived a lap, then he just flew off the bank and crunched into the ground at the bottom. I was just riding there laughing at the olympics event, it was great, they all did chinups and stuff.

First bike is really nice.
Like the yellow/white theme

It’s not a track frame, just 700c forks. It’s a bit of a try hard track frame. The old guy at CERES said it was probably some type of cruiser, but it works fine as a fixie. It took me a month or two of going there on friday arvo looking to find it but a few pop up from time to time. CERES can be a bit of a gold mine if you have the patience.

Nice find at Ceres. I’m always a bit dubious about spending money on rattle can though.

Ceres can also be worryingly lacking in mechanical knowledge. I totally agree with the concept but the other day I went there looking for an old long reach brake caliper and no one could help me. They ended up letting me go upstairs and sorting through the brakes bits box, which generally comprises of old torn apart and mismatched calipers. It took me about 20 minutes to find enough parts to make one front brake. In the meantime a baffled mob of people with bike problems were snowballing downstairs, all asking each other for help. Think there should be some kind of ratio of volunteers wanting to learn, and volunteers with actual mechanical knowledge.

where exactly is ceres? ive been meaning to go but never been bothered finding it…

Ceres is just off the merri creek bike / walking trail, so its an easy to get there .

Thanks for telling me the uglypads site. I might soon get one in black on the tube.

ah k, thanks.
love the colours on the hallmark build