Bike Cops.


Long story… But these cops turned out to be some of the nicest guys in uniforms I’ve met in a long time. They were really interested with the ability to ride backwards so we let them have a try. They got half a backwards circle and a few track stands. Not bad for the first ride on a fixed gear. I’ve been having a rough year with cops so it was a nice year end reminder that not all cops are dicks. These guys were super nice. And down with fixed gears!

Do all cops in Adelaide look like riot police?

My experience with bike cops has been very positive. I even felt sorry they had to ride such boring bikes. Bike cops are different to cops cops. :wink:

No but some ask for skidzzzzz

This was in Seattle.

Oops! My mistake, carry on.

I got stopped by a few on friday night for not wearing a helmet. I went from about 35km/h to zero in an extremely short space and pulled up in front of them. The first thing he said to me was “impressive stop on the fixed gear”. Clearly they are pretty clued up these days. We had a good chat for about 15mins and he let me walk off “out of sight” without a fine when he could of gone to town for no brakes/lights/bell/helmet etc.

They’re not all bad.

We can get pinged for ‘no bell’? My gosh!