bike courier / transport

Hi All,

I was just wandering if anybody knows a good courier/ freight company to move a bike from Sydney to Melbourne.

Basically I am thinking about buying a bike from ebay but the seller is selling local pickup only and will not pull apart the bike or transport anywhere!

So I would either need a company willing to transport a whole bike or to pack it them selves.


Just post in the sydney section asking for help, someone will probably help out for a bit of cash. I helped out fresh in a similar (not same) situation and he sent me a cycling cap! Awesome!

^ either that or use the search function.

Try Vicfast couriers. I wouldn’t use anyone else

if its near by i can help out dude. whens the auction finish?

i use e-go couriers by far the cheapest door to door full price depot to door or door to depot 25% off depot to depot 50% off.

i’d use e-go too. but they don’t transpord full built bikes. it’ll still need to be packed into a box.