Don’t know if this has been posted yet… So wrong, I feel violated.

‪Bike by Justin Anderson‬‏ - YouTube

I regularly ride through corridors just for lols.

^ and then lie down on the floor and writhe around? I know I do.

YOu should have put more of a warning on this. I feel dirty now, bit of steel wool should help.

It’s been posted before. I think.

Anyway, she’s going to round her nuts using a shifter.

" All you need are two wheels and a great pair of jeans "

Does anyone have any bleach for my eyes?

i was hoping someone had run them down in a car*

*sorry, probably shouldn’t joke about these things…unless it’s a CK ad

This video is like my garage.
Sexy people pretending they know how to work on bikes.
Riding around without a helmet on.
Really nice jeans.
And already posted on like a whole bunch of times.