Bike Fines Increase - Melbourne

I assume by fining a rider for riding past a stationary tram, this means that the doors are actually open?

Riders left reeling by bike fine increase

great! this issue makes me so peeved. How can cyclists physically be rated as the same on the roads as cars… so unfair! Does the government want society to back pedal (excuse the pun) and be back to driving everywhere… so much for supporting people riding bikes.

The fine for running a red light on a bike, for which 750 riders were fined last year, is now also $292, the same as in a car.

That’s why I don’t run reds. That’s a set of cranks, or some sweet forks, just thrown away for the sake of a red light!

Unlucky technicality… That fucking Tony Barber BV guy pisses me off sooo much. No balls at all.

this is boring

Captain Numpty of the Nuff Nuff [1] brigade rolled up next to me all a fluster this morning and asked if I’d read about the new laws. No sooner had I said ‘no’ he proceeded to start explaining them. The light turned green and I rode away.

[1] Hi viz, mirrors, “I <3 Bicycles” badge…

Fair enough. I had always assumed, in relation to Trams, that there was no difference in rules for bikes and cars.

There is no difference.

This rule was changed with a package of other things in late '09, they were well publicised and even debated (with great sturm, drang and futility and at some length) here.

Nothing to see here…move along folks…

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sir yes sir!