Bike Fits, an interesting read

BikeDynamics - Bike Fitting Specialists - Fit Guidelines

I just stumbled across this today and thought it prudent to share, I’d be interested to hear what other advice/opinions people have/have been given over time.

and i posted this here because bike fits seemed like more of a “help” topic than a “linkblog” topic


150deg seems very high for leg bend.
plumb bobs are effectively useless with modern road frames. the work well with old school seat tube angles of 72deg or less, but as bikes become steeper the plumb bob becomes less relevant.

my 2c.

^ Thats an ugly foot.

But it is a good read. I don’t think I’ll try to get my degree’s down to a decimal point though, near enough is good enough for me.

That was a good read, thanks for sharing!

There are certain measurements that I’ve always felt are pretty critical, like seat height, reach to handlebars, and a couple of others, but I’ve also found that after that, every other measurement is really dependent on the rider, and can vary a lot. What feels comfortable for one rider, can feel horrible for another.

Furthermore, I’ve also found that some riders are REALLY sensitive to minute changes, whilst others don’t notice a thing. Cleat angle/position, bar angle, and seat position (for/aft) seem to be the three things that I can make super drastic changes to and not feel any discomfort, even on long rides. All of this leads me to believe that although a proper bike fit can give you some really great base settings, a true bike fit also includes a few long rides, making small changes between each ride. I’m a big fan of doing things by eye, and doing them based on what looks right. In general, if it looks right, it probably is right, even if the numbers don’t 100% agree.

I also think that a couple of Melbourne’s “premier” bike fitting specialists fit the rider according to the fitter’s preferences, as opposed to what’s actually right for the rider. I’ve had more than one customer complain about sore knees after getting a “professional bike fit” on their road bike. After noticing the 60mm stem on their bike and the laid back seatpost with the seat pushed back all the way, it’s easy to freak out the customer when you guess exactly who fitted them.

Nik Cee swears by his bike fit guru, if anyone in Melbourne wants a good bike fit, I’d suggest speaking to Nik before spending mega bucks on a bad bike fit.

lololololololol. he has a clone on here too doesnt he?
i disagree with the first bit. i love the fact that he has this obscure idea of what is right with no regard for the fact that the entire rest of the bicycle world says differently. at least none of his fits can seriously hurt anyone, a lounge chair has never torn anyones achilles.

There’s a lot that goes into fitting someone correctly for a bike and there’s so many variables. Hard fast rules like this site has are pretty dumb in my experience.

kennedy, right?

I think rules of thumb are useful as long as they’re only treated as rules of thumb.

For example, for road bar setup, my old man taught me that if you place your elbow against the front of your saddle, and extend your forearm forward, your fingertips should just skim the back of the bars. That’s a starting point - an inch of overlap for touring, and an inch in front for racing. I always thought that sounded a bit too abstract to work, but now from experience I think it holds fairly true.

dom at first place osteo is boss bike fit

+1 for Dom.
Also Jason Nichols for your feet at IOS in Brighton.


You got it in one.

there are many on here who will echo this sentiment.

but even then he will agree that you need to take his fitting advice and test it on the road.

as many of us buy road bikes and/or start to get more decent kms logged over summer getting your fit sorted or problems dealt with becomes more important.

I saw Emma @ topbikefit about 6 weeks ago, everything she said was gold.

The advice that was given has improved my riding heaps. Inital changes “minor seatpost lowering” were too uncomfortable “for Me” so i went with half the change until it felt better, it has fixed a knee issue.

Still working on a few things like stretching diferent parts and making sure i dont fall back into bad habits position wise.

But well worth the coin spent as even minor improvements are worth it.

Some swear by him, some swear at him.