bike friendly accomodation in melb - city

ok bros i need to find a place to stay that is close to hisense arena and is going to allow bikes in the room

also need off street parking as we will have a family sedan to park somewhere

last requirement is ‘no communal bathrooms’ i dont want to have a shower in someone else’s piss

any suggestions?

I would offer you my house but can fulfill none of your criteria.

Buy a new house in Melbourne.

Wait, you’re not larfinboy!

the piss thing i expected…

For the cheap option - ive stayed in the hotel formula 1 on elizabeth st, 69 a room for double bed and a single.

I had a bike in there and no one said a thing.

Not sure about parking though… I left the car out in hawthorne for the week and got a tram out there to pick it up when leaving.

We’ve stayed at the Tyrian Apartments a bunch of times. Free undercover parking and we took our bikes in the room when we were there for the Roobaix. I dont kmow if they knew we had bikes in our room, seeing i said i was going to lock them in the garage. It’s on Johnston street too, close to Brunswick and Coles (and 99 Problems). Might be more expensive now though.

Tyrian Serviced Apartments Fitzroy | Luxury Inner Melbourne Accommodation

hmmm - 1 bedders in the city seem to be priced pretty reasonably

location and car/bike situation is great, its probably a bit nice though and its $200 a night

Just check hotelclub / wot if etc closer to your stay. That’s what we’ve always done.

yes but then we could meet for a beer at 99 problems and talk about sram brifters, the cyclocross scene in flemish land, as well as wax lyrical about passion.


and being vegan

99 problems but a sheep aint one

wotif etc is great but really want to lock this in as early as possible

omg do you listen to punk rock?

SOuth yarra and east melbourne both a number of serviced apartment type places mostly with parking and very close (ie walkable to hisense).

nah prefer post punk

near hisense, hey? coming to see the Dragons? Jez could probably hook you up…

never heard of it.

zoltan has so its legit

i think he invented it.