Bike Gallery video... enjoy the passion


That’s very ‘Rapha’…

oh, I thought it was a specialized add with extra cheese.

I wonder if they book their own hotels?

Not enough facial hair for a proper bike video.

Needed more racks.

It’s funny to see people placing so much effort into looking like professional cyclists when in reality they would barely last two minutes in D grade.

I remember whan I was a kid and I also liked dressing up although that was when I was about 7.

Do you know the guy’s

Of course I know them, I used to do a few recovery rides etc. with them years ago.

They are not bad guys generally speaking although they always had the typical roadie attitude which is obvious in the video.

As a rider who was more into racing/training/recovery I always found the whole coffee/image/wank a part of the road culture I never liked.

I was always of the opinion that if I could not be a professional rider through results I was never going to be a professional rider through image (or pretend to be like a professional rider).

I remember doing my first Tour Of Bright and staying in a tent the whole time, I looked ridiculous although I still managed to win the KOM in C grade, got third overall and second/third in stages.

The video has been well made and is a perfect representation of the guys who run the shop.

Haha very tactful titanium…

This is true, because they don’t speak in the video and when I’ve been in the shop, given that it’s my lbs, they’ve never spoken to me.

bullshit titanium.

I’m no fan of the bikegallery guys either, but i know for a fact at least one of the blokes in that vid, finished in the top 10 in the Baw Baw classic in A grade.

Gettin blown out the back of D grade? Maybe not.

Thats gold

Agreed with calling bullshit on Titaniums comments. One of the guys in the video (Fergus Sully) made a break in the first lap at St Kilda crits in A grade a couple of weeks ago. Managed to stayed away the whole race and ended up getting 3rd. They all actually race A grade and are consistently in the top 10 every week.

I know nothing about bike gallery and how they treat customers but the guys can ride.

titanium - I want to fight you


You all make very valid points.

I was more making a point about how they were when I was racing which was quite a few years ago and maybe a lot has changed since then although I would hardly call a top 10 result in a club crit (A grade) anything to brag about.

Finishing 10th in Baw Baw is pretty much the same as being last, when I did it (I got 3rd in C grade) only seven people really finished the race and the rest were so far behind it may as well have been Around The Bay.

I went into the shop a few months ago and the place felt about as comfortable as a trip to the dentist and I guess watching the video reminded me of how things used to be when we did rides together back in the day.

I hope people are not taking this thread too seriously, I would never have made the remarks had I not had first hand experience with some (not all) of the people in the video.

i think we need an FOA version of such video

I would help with such a video provided we keep LCD Soundsystem for the soundtrack.


Have you ever proof read anything you’ve typed before posting it and just, for a moment, thought “fuck, I come across as a flat-out dickhead”?