bike identification

Hi guys
Just trying to find out what brand bike this is.
Thanks, Nick

i’m going to need CSI to enhance this image for me before i can help out. bigger pics dude

That’s a Cecil Walker headtube decal.

My bad, saved image in the wrong size.
The pic is not the best quality but i hope it will do.

Okay, that’s not a Cecil Walker headtube decal.

Perhaps you can ask these guys? The bike has been ‘resurrected’ but has very similar lugs and they may know the brand from before they painted over it.

Rivendell Bicycle Works: Resurrectio Decals

Good luck!

I’ve seen that before, give me some time to think.

allright, POSSIBLY an 80’s hallmark.
Only possibly though, can’t find any info online.
Tomorrow when I get home I’ll have to go check out my old hallmark.