Bike Kill 666

Forgive my ignorance, but what exactly is going on here?

Must be getting conservative in my old age… :mrgreen:

Punk getto bike gangs? I think its like The Warriers crossed with A Clockwork Orange, with hints of Dogs in Space and BMX Bandits.

Check youtube. There’s plenty of footage.

yeah, search bike kill, chunk 666, and black label

they’re waiting for a post apocalyptic wasteland where your only friend is your tallbike.

They are all just SO cool

Reminds me of Nathan Barley

Essential viewing.
“The idiots are winning”

I was chatting to a mate at RMIT the other day. A bunch of chicks were going around doing a survey as to what people call “stone paper sisors”. The girls were very confused when my mate responded “cock bum muffhole”

These people live and breathe this shit. They’re are what cool people wish they were.

Those injuries looked real if that’s what you’re saying… :wink:
Hey chromeo, nice to know someone else has seen it. I heard they might be doing a second series… OMG!

my kids do “rock paper scissors chainsaw gun”

they haven’t yet worked out what beats “gun”

so you’d think they would both just do “gun” all the time

oddly enough, they don’t.

there’s more at trashbat.coCK :evil:

New [I’m a potato]?

Please let that be true!

They actually registered for the show. Looks like it’s under construction atm.

There’s a game called ‘shootout’. I can’t get my head around it. It looks a bit like ‘pattycake’ but it’s good fun. I keep losing :frowning:

tum te tum

The aim of the game is to shoot your opponent. To do this you must ‘load’ your gun, and then ‘fire’ it when they are vulnerable. You don’t take turns, each player ‘makes their move’ at the same time. You have three moves to choose from:

block, cross arms, invulnerable to being shot
load, make both hands into guns pointing in the air, vulnerable to being shot
fire, point guns, vulnerable to being shot if you fire an unloaded gun, but if both players fire with guns loaded, the bullets ‘collide’ and both must reload

Players place their hands on knees in between turns to give an even pace to the game.

Now the tricky part is, you have to load your gun first, your gun can only hold one bullet, so if you fire when your opponent is blocking, you have to reload. You have to keep track of whether or not your opponent’s gun is loaded, as well as your own. You have to fire when you have a clear shot, ie when your opponent is loading or firing an unloaded gun.

L F bang. P2 wins

F F bang. P2 wins

L F bang. P2 wins

etc. Would make a good drinky game :wink:

I would… but I have grown up things to do.

It’s all fun and games until someones ankle bends the wrong way ! :evil:

That dude snapped everything in his ankle except for the skin that was holding it there (a couple of my friends from Melbourne were there). So freakin’ brutal.

Watching that guy lift his leg off the ground when he fell, and seeing his whole foot roll around and flop down was the most intense thing ever.
I felt sooooo sick seeing it.
It was such a fun day though, I loved it.
The photos don’t really do it justice.

It’s funny seeing how people think ‘grown-up things’ are safe :smiley: Just keep watching AFL and listening to Today Tonight I suppose :wink:

Bike kill was the second checkpoint for the halloween alleycat (80km) back in 2005

They splattered every one in blood.

Far from it.! But if you’re going to risk breaking bones, there are far more interesting, challenging and fun ways of doing it.
Just my 2c. :slight_smile: