Bike Lane Battle leads to Guerrilla Bike Lanes

Hah! These guys had their bike lane removed and they just repainted it!

There’s even a video of them doing it on the website.

Maybe we should consider painting bike lanes here where it seems appropriate?

What the fuck? Bike lanes removed as cyclists present a “religious hazard”? Fuck them right in their zz top beards.

damn ‘hotties’ in their shorts and skirts.

Its always the minorities that get their own way, haven’t we learnt that already living in Australia?!?

Anyone got a source for green pebblecrete

Lets get cracking.

I propose 1st up is Jonhtson st between Smith and nicholson

too right. i might just block up some roads. Then we will see how the motorists feel. :mrgreen:

ther can be only 1 lane… and He is eternal