bike lock

Hi all.

Anyone recommend a bike lock that will survive left in the elements outside without cover?

Doesnt need to be the most fail safe, just a deterrent. It is being locked in the carpark at work so it pretty secure anyway. (daytime only)

I wouldn’t leave any lock in the open for long periods. I used to have a big cable lock that I carried by slinging across my shoulder. It was carried/used in all sorts of weather conditions. One day after a good rain, the lock wouldn’t open. Fortunately, I was trying to lock up my bike rather than unlock it.

Maybe if you lubricated the internals regularly it wouldn’t be a problem.


a bit of graphite dust on the key once a year or so will work wonders… or so i’m led to believe.

I have a big Kryptonite that i dont use, pm me if your interested.

after looking at the krypto webpage i remembered i have one of those extension loops. I reckon i might just use that with an all weather padlock and give that a go.

thanks for the responses