bike mechanic course's?

i was just wondering if any one knows of ay decent bike mechanic course’s in either melb’s or perth?

preferably something that goes to an industry standard,

i like to think i’m pretty handy with being able to fix and fuck around with my bike as it is, but would love to know everything there is to know, and you know maybe get work in a different field as 5 years of late night hospo is killing me

peace ya’ll

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Contact Mark Horner at Born Again Cycles (google or PM me for his email), IIRC, he runs an accredited course out at one of the TAFEs.

or just get a job as a mechanic and have Sheldon ready to go on your iphone. you’ll be fine.

parktool website has some pretty decent info also:

haha chaz does it look like i own an iphone???

yeah checked out the parktool’s web site before but would rather a proper course with a silly piece of paper t the end

cheers blakey will pm now

na- you’re way to cool for that - besides they’re so 2009 right?

It’s all about the iPad now… :expressionless:

as long as it comes with an Etch a Sketch app I’ll be happy.

Dont wanna threadjack, but i cant think of a reason to buy an iPad, and that makes me uncomfortable.

I’ll be buying one because I don’t want to be the only loser reading an actual newspaper

Gink - I’d also be interested in a bike Mech course.

Everything you need to know is here.

id be keen on a wheel building course :slight_smile:

i’m such a damn iSheep (coin termed by my old works Linux obsessed IT geeks) that i want it, even though i know it sorta sux.

I remember the guys at Human Powered had a link to TAFE bike mechanic course - you could give them a call 9029 6504.

Let us know what you find out

this (pdf) via melbournecyclist

a bit dated but they might be running new courses.

will hand over skillz for cash

Is it just me or does it sound like some new type of women’s sanitary product for go get em office biatches?

Adding to a.4’s post, check out Bicycle Training Australia:

These are the guys that organise apprenticeships within the bike industry, offer courses for people within the industry (mechanics, sales people etc), as well as recognised courses for the public. As far as I remember, Greg Hallihan is the man to speak to, and can give you all the details regarding upcoming courses.

TAFE in Victoria only run them at Geelong & Warnambool campuses (It used to be Gippsland).

Cert II in Bicycles,%2046,%2047,%2050,%2049,%2048

Cert III in Bicycles,%2046,%2047,%2050,%2049,%2048