bike messenger from the states

im a bike messenger in chicago here in the states. im comming to australia in novemeber for a couple of weeks. flying into sydney but plan on hittins brisbane and melbourne while im there. any kids on here down to ride or hang? lemme know whats up.

to messengers in australia: would is be possible for me to get work down there if i plan on staying longer? how is it there? anyone on here could share some experiences or what there normal day is like. i wanna get a feel for how different or similar it is to messaging in the states.

thanks for your time.
adam ryan

hit me up with an email if anyone is into hanging.

Mate if you make it down to Tassie drop me an email ( and I’ll take ya for a spin and a beer eh.

Hobart has only 1 bike courier eh… I did a stint at it after our long time bike courier shot thru to Bolivia! Ah, the coin in Hob’s is about $200AUS a day… start at 7:30am at postal center… do ya daily drops and then bits and pieces all the way thru to about half 5ish… Pretty hilly area, but Hobart is small so it’s no drama’s eh… cover about 50-60kms per day…

Anyway there’s not much work down this way but Melbs is a whole different kettle of fish!

No worries!

Yep, always been into hanging…great shame capital punishment was banned here so long ago :slight_smile:

contact me off list for a full run down on messing in syd, melb or bris.
or head over to and have a look there.
my email is

Not a messenger, but if you want a couch to crash on for a few days in melbourne hit me up.

the xs on either side of your name mean you can also crash on my couch as long as you like. and i got a spa.


whats with all the x’s?

Straight edge kids.

xxx… its a porn thing right erle? haha