Bike of the Future

Rubbish. Engineers would still be around to do the useful stuff… like not designing inefficient wank :stuck_out_tongue:

+100 (and I was one :slight_smile: )

Horatio… what’s happened with the Duranos?

Oh I was really pissed off a couple of nights ago because a tiny piece of metal managed to penetrate through the tyre :x. It seems to have pierced right through the so-called ‘puncture proof’ blue layer of the tyre.
Meh, happens to us all I guess. Apart from this they have been fine- I’d use them again.

im not feeling the design, looks naf, how can you improve on the classic lugged steel frame, that just my oppinion though.

Obviously heatseeker is in love with them and has tried making babies with them, but do you rate them over gators? I’m just about to put in a wiggle order, may as well give the duranos a try.

haha. Yes, I would still rate the Duranos over the Gatorskins. They are heavier than the equivalent Gatorskins (that blue layer in the tyre adds some weight)