Bike Polo - 3pm Sun 10 April

Bring your bikes and sticks, it’s time for bike polo!

3pm this Sunday at Magpie Hill
Lambert Place, Lyneham

$10 includes play, snag sanga, 1 drink & donation to our National Championships Team


There was talk of a swap meet after the last match I believe. Im going to come watch, but might have a few bits a pieces to sell and buy if that sort of thing was to go down.

Likewise, just not sure I’ll have time to sort out my shit.

Let’s definitely have a proper swap meet at Bike Polo on 1 May.

(tx Todd for the art)

Dope poster, we’re looking all pro and shit now! Print this and chuck it in the window at Mal’s, I think the young boys there are keen to come have a crack.

If it’s still raining this afternoon, Bike Polo will be shitcanned.

Wet is alright, but wet and cold blows.

Was just thinking that. BOM says “clearing at midday to isolated showers”, which would still be pretty lame if those isolated showers are over lyneham.

No worries, Looks like it picked up some kind of an orange background in transit though :wink:

Hey man, it’s the Interwebz - it needed some colour! :smiley:

(I made the alleycat card pink! Sorry bro)

Oh Steve!!! DIY colour adjustments with files from graphic designers… haha. I can hear the facepalm from Todd over on the southside. :stuck_out_tongue:

Note to self - .jpgs or password protected, non-editable pdfs from now on :slight_smile:

Note to everyone: it’s on again this Sunday.

Swapmeet at polo today, bring that unneeded pile from your garage. Anything broken must be given, anything else sold.