Bike Polo in Sydney


With continuing issues at Carriage Works we have decided to move on for the time being.
For now the new courts will be as follows, but keep checking back as this may change.

Thursday Nights - 7pm:

Camperdown Park on Australia St, Camperdown (not Camperdown Memorial Park). Next to the bowling club and tennis courts.,151.176531&sspn=0.006217,0.009645&ie=UTF8&ll=-33.887277,151.176531&spn=0.006217,0.009645&t=h&output=embed&w=425&h=350


At the new earlier time of 1pm (as opposed to a lazy 1.30 for a 2.30 start).
The new court we are trialing is the basketball courts of Blackwattle Bay High School.


Everyone/anyone is encouraged to come. We are always stoked to have new players.
Dont worry about how good or bad your bike skills are. This game is guaranteed to improve you’re riding.

Hopefully will see some of you out there.

Edit: Theres plenty of extra mallets there every week for everyone to use, so you just gotta rock up with ya bike!

i’ll come for a look, sounds fun.

should i build myself a diy front disc first?
(is reverse garbage open on the weekend?)


you should be fine.
im the only one that plays with a front disc at the moment.

dont let the flyer scare you. broken spokes happen, but only very rarely.

but if you do wanna make one grab some corrugated plastic from reverse garbage. its normally in the back left hand corner.
theyre open both days of the weekend.

<a href=“Build a disk wheel « Hardcourt Bike Polo”>how to make a disc wheel</a>

its gunna be a hot one this sunday!

great , just only 15? don’t do that every sunday? or if i go there someday , not sunday , can i meet some fixie rider at there?

haha i went down to reverse garbage this morning - love it, so much good stuff for cheap. got some plastic, but then realised it’s actually going to take some work to stick it on my wheel… maybe someday.

think i might change my pedals for flat ones though - toe clips might make it a bit tricky.

re: the weather, i’m kind of getting used to getting home and wringing litres of sweat out of my helmet, so tmrw should be fine…

mchulko - we play every sunday from about 1.30 but on march 15 there is going to be a round robin kind of deal. you normally wouldnt find any riders there on days that arent sunday, so you should try make it down one week. if you wanna meet some other riders you should go out to the <a href=“,4716.0.html”>wednesday night ride</a>. i went for the first time this week and it was good fun. nice people.

yeah e_t, i ride plastic bmx pedals on my polo bike but still like the control of straps. even if it means i take a few 0 km/h falls.

for the first couple of times you play you can really just get away with having our bike set up how it normally is, but probably the easiest ways to make your bike better for polo is get your brake lever on the left hand (assuming you run a brake and are right handed - leaving your right hand free to hold the mallet), and slap a bigger cog on the back (lower ratio).

but yeah, dont stress. however your bike is set up now, you are used to it, and it will be fine to play on.

reverse garbage? wow great , can i repair my bike and buy some part? i want to go there , can someone tell me about reverse garbage ? where is there ? thanks

Reverse Garbage is a big shed in the community centre on Addison Road, Marrickville. They sell recycled/leftover materials- cardboard, wood, plastic offcuts, fabric, etc etc. Nothing to do with bikes, but lots of useful things.
There’s also a place there called The Bower, they sell second hand things, and have a few bikes sometimes.

what time is it start exactly?

ok in case anyone hasn’t seen the flyers, the open tournament is on this sunday.
yeah! mallets! action! (occasional) crashes!

all welcome, just turn up to register at 12:30, just bring yr bike, they’ll make random teams on the spot, more the merrier etc.
there’s going to be a bbq and stuff, actually maybe i’ll stick up one of lewis’s flyers on here somehow…

vic spies, reporting in

thanks (sydney) alex, i’ve been lazy and didnt get around to posting up the open on here.

Hello to (melbourne) alex. See you tomorrow.

everyone else. Here is the flyer

couldn’t make it in the end

went for a ride with nickcee who flying back to melbs later that arvo

how’d the day turn out? pics ??

It turned out to be a great afternoon. Lots of fun had by All.

Lewis did a great job organising it all, my only regret is that I had to leave early!

As a first tiem player I had a ball, was made to feel welcome, everyone was friendly. It wont be my last visit!

If you can, you should definietly try and get down there and check it out! you wont regret it!

Thanks for the props.
Though, im sorry i cant figure out who you are?

The day was great. We had 11 teams (33 players) compete and probably about that many again watching. The winning team took home close to $100 each and a sweet multi tool.

Thanks to everyone who came. Those who missed it, we still play every sunday. People starting showing up from 1.30 on and generally have enough to play by about 2.

Some pics at

I was the guy wearing the “reflex” shirt… :slight_smile:

ah team reflex.
you suffered defeat at the merciless hands of astana :evil:

it was great to meet you keith. see you at polo again soon no doubt.
let me know when you get your hands on those poles and i’ll hook up some hdpe.

Well, we were a team full of fresh meat! lol, I did manage to take you out once though! My leg still hurts from that! lol

I’ll see you there Sunday!