Bike Polo on Seven News

Just saw an ad for Seven News tonight with revelations of council wasting money, there were images of bike polo while this was being advertised.

I cant decide weather they were trying to say if it was a waste of money or not. They got me having a stack though which I approved of.


just watched it, not as bad as it first looked, should actually be good for polo, bit of free exposure!

some of those other ones tho, 1,600 for crockery!!! lolz.

I still cant work out what their position on bike polo in particular was. they didnt really say it was a waste, especially compared to the other things they listed. they also provided alot more info on polo, i.e. a idiots guide to kind of thing.

i was left slightly confused, either way lots of familiar faces there!

what footage did they use?


Stuff from the nationals, I thought maybe it was going to be from the GSE thing. That would have been a little weird.

The money that we did get for the nationals would have been far outweighed by the $$ spent by out of staters for the weekend so I see it as an investment in Queensland tourism