bike punx tattoo

a lot of you have maybe seen this on bikesnob but i found out about it from a music messageboard.

and i thought my tattoos were embarrassing!

oh…my…god… :evil:



I read the background story to that tatt a while ago, can’t remember where. Something about seeing someone getting a ‘thug life’ tattoo and the ‘t’ was covered, and the idea grew from there.

Please tell me thats just body paint and NOT a tattoo. I think I’m going to cry now, where’s the Kleenex?..


not as bad as this guy though!

i dunno what’s more offensive. this guy’s unbridled love of earth crisis or his obviously plucked eyebrows.

I think the most ridiculous part of “Mr Cool Ice” is the backwards sunnies. I spose if you’ve got the conviction to get some of the worst tattoos I’ve ever seen, you might as well go all the way.

There’s a photo in Cog magazine (i think) of a guy similar to mr cool ice, but with ‘one less car’ on his back.

pretty sure i’ve seen that guy in vice magazine.

this is seriously gnarly. you can always wear a long sleeve shirt to cover up bad tattoos on your body, but you cant rock a balaclava forever!

its a LONG day at the office!!

bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, shit someone post the pic of this dude with Scott Vogel.

That hug life tat makes me want to stab out my eyes, then use my guide dog and white stick to find the jerk who has it and, and stab out theirs, and make them write 100 times in braille, I WILL NOT BE A FUCKING DOUCHE BAG.