bike racing at calder park on sunday!

i mean, you could dick around all day, and perhaps go down to “sprinting the drains”, and watch some hipsters pretend they can go fast.

or you could score a lift out to calder park and watch some of the fastest people in the state kill each other on the race track!

it’s a teams race, and one of the teams (which shall not be named) includes mr fyxomatosis himself, andrew white.

the brunswick team includes the second place / first one speed winner from Escape from the Suburbs, Samuel W McGregor, as well as first noob winner from the same race, Ollie “Fairtrade” Phillips.

info here: Teams Challenge

teams list here: 2010 Tom Probert Team Entries

that’s a spicy (mock)meatball!

What about spending mothers day with your mama’s?


my parents left town for mothers day.

obviously my mum didn’t want a present.

was gonna go to moonee ponds
but this sounds like a better idea
if dad drives me and picks me up from calder on mothers day…

your dad would be the best dad ever. perhaps even better than my dad.

actually, nah. that’s simply not possible.

they got the same thing happening at Phillip Island Circuit on Saturday if you can’t make it on Sunday

the mans a champ
seems weird saying nice things bout dad so close to mothers day.
but yeah, just asked, i wont be going sadly.

man, that brunswick team is going to take some beating…

Poor old Scott Nomates riding for Melton…

someone on another forum suggested that northcote must’ve been under the impression that this race was being held at a velodrome…

cheers for the help and support brendan, great to see you “support new events”!

Hey B

You comment reminds me of a girl I saw on a fixed conversion that had “Eat My Dick” written on it…

Take that Brendan!

hey ox, that’s user caseymoira. and it’s a fuji track!

and chris: sometimes a better event comes along on the same day. c’est la vie, non?

it is life and to be honest Calders a fuckin hike!

ah, oui, c’est vrai.

I’d love to come along - last time I raced around there was in 1987 on a Gitane with friction gears. Pity I’m in Brisbane now.

apparently northcote got up. that’s a pretty impressive effort…

That is an impressive effort seeing that Total Rush’s own Rico Rogers was racing for St Kilda.

there were only 6 riders from st kilda - that would’ve been quite the disadvantage.