bike racing at calder park on sunday!

I’d rather participate than watch, so that’s not such a clear cut call. I never really got peoples’ fascination with watching sport instead of doing it (I know you race. I’m not saying you don’t participate).

so participate! join a club! pin a number on! you get to do all sorts of awesome rides - like this! it’s not hard!

Not just won they smashed em… Check out Fyx for some great pics… WHOOP WHOOP HERE COMES THE NORTHCOTE KILLER TRAIN…

yeah, they did kinda dominate. sounds like fun!

whats it require to become a member of a track riding team? because i realllly wanna do more than just ride my track bike to school and back and do some weekend rides. who do i talk to? got no clue

all of this information is still true:

if you come down to DISC on a tuesday night, brunswick have a really strong junior program. hell, you know who i am. come down tomorrow night and say g’day.

of course, you will have to wear a helmet…

thaanks brendan
and yeah the green one has been stickered like a bitch but loving it.

might have too
what time is shit?
like around 7 ish yeah

dude, that bike was sweet as it was. take those stickers off!

sounds like you’ve answered your own questions - but junior racing will be on from 6.30

more info here:

Brunswick Cycling Club

Please tell me the Hillman was not stickered.

naahhh the hillman wasnt stickered
i was talking about the helmet
its all good boys
and im buying a super mighty for 180
fairly used
good buy?

yeah, sticker the hell out of that helmet. that’s what skater helmets are for!