Bike Rage!!


The Rage is Here. (TRIH)

Has any one else experienced an unusual amount of rider rage these past few weeks? On several occasions I?ve felt the need to smash, dint and destroy several cars, truck (and one pushy rider) for doing ridiculous / idiotic things on the road. Maybe I?m the only one who crossed these clowns at a bad time.

Can’t say i actually followed through with any of my own threats (just the whole verbal attack thing). It got me thinking, is anybody else feeling a little pissed off these days? :x

Yes cars seem to be my bugbear, the STOP sign for example, actually means keep moving into an intersection and take off really quickly because you are just about to hit a cyclist. Or am i just being petty?

Fcuking taxis, I hate them the most.

I hates them too!!!

But the others also tickle my hatred!!

cyclists that don’t know what they are doing are my problem.

You get alot of them here at the Uni.

Even idiotic drivers are predictable … idiotic cyclists less so

You forgot about peds.

fucking peds. Seriously, if you’re walking along a cycle path, that’s fine. If you’re walking along a cycle path in your own world, at peak traffic times, with music blaring in your ears, FUCKING PICK A SIDE AND STICK WITH IT!

And if you don’t, and I brush past you, scaring the crap out of you, don’t fucking yell at me. dumbshits.

Taxis are the worst types of cars except minivans, but trucks trump all. Fuckers. Honking at me at point blank range.

  • Joel

“Pod Lemmings” :roll: Anyone with those stupid white headphones telling them to breath in and out.

Special category required - tradesmen in utes - specially if more than $1.57 has been spent “hotting it up” - their heads just aren’t with the program …

1). people who walk 4 abreast along the bike path, taking up the entire path and not moving to let you through.

2). people who stand in-between cars and do that half-step out onto the road just before you are going passed.

3). people who just stop in front of you, when you are slowly trying to pass them.

4). people in general!!!

All of the above in the poll :evil: Don’t get me started. I’ve had to change my commute route due to the stress it was giving me with all the fucked up ppl on pushies, in cars, trucks & taxis. And fucking Peds! Using bike lanes as footpaths!! St. Kilda rd is the most fucked up stretch of rd IMO. Quick JayWoo, hit ‘submit’ now… :evil: ‘Click’ arrhhhhh… better, now where’s me coffee :roll:

coffee sounds very therapeutic right now.

I had a wonderful campus slalom going on yesterday at lunchtime - peak hour for university peds! Head up, eyes open, anticipating, I felt like I was riding in REAL traffic!

  • Joel

Why is it when other people don’t perform a (heres a big word kiddies) “duty of care” or violate my personal safety, they get really ticked off when i decide to return the favor?


Now THAT’S a gazillion dollar question. I’ve even tried the experiment of not getting agro at them, just make them aware all cool & claim. No diff…

Just reading this made my HR jump by about 40bpm.

I’ve come to accept that all other road users are (1) stupid, (2) ignorant, (3) etc., or (4) going to get in my way even if they’re not in the wrong.

I find that being as angry and self-righteous as possible keeps me safest when I’m on the road. I reckon I’m more likely to be written off if, for example, I’m tired and riding passively.

p.s. I fucken hate bike paths. I’ve come close on a couple of occasions to running over kids that weren’t on leashes… and I think I’d actually feel kinda bad about that. In fact, that’s why I’d rather ride on the street: I have no qualms about ploughing into a car that’s cut me off if that’s the safest course of action, but in the past I’ve crashed avoiding a pedestrian who stepped out from behind a tram. I’m only 75kgs, but, at speed, my body weight could do a bit of damage to a 50ish-year-old, likely osteoporotic woman. That wouldn’t be so good. So, whilst there’s the threat of peds stepping out on certain busy roads, there’s just too many of them on shared paths. Oh, and ‘sunday’ cyclists who think that riding faster than 20kph is reckless. Fuckers.

rant over. exhale…

If I had to be angry every time I rode in order to feel safe, I reckon I’d give up.

I think the only sensible approach is to expect appalling behaviour from everyone. Most of the time you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

The reason people get upset about anything is because of unmet expectations. Lower your expectations and more people will meet or exceed them.

I tend to operate with a similar mindset to what 853 wrote.

Expect less and be pleasantly surprised.

I agree entirely. I think there’s a bit of hyperbole in my above post… sorry about that.

This train of thought brings me back to the whole, what does it make you feel like to ride your fixie?

Despite all the clowns out on the roads the truth is we all have to share the bitumen; so with this in mind when I ride and escape deep into my own little world of tranquility, desire and fluffy bunnies, the one that can have an impact on this is some idiot potentially trying not so hard to… well… kill me.

This is why the frustration and anger kicks into gear. Normally unless I?ve actually been hit (ouch, dude that hurt!) five mins down the road I?m at one with my tracky again.


It feels like my true natural state.