Bike recommendations

I’m currently riding an SE Big Ripper to work and have been for about 4 years.
For the most part it’s pretty reliable although starting to show it’s age.

Most people on here regularly know that when it comes to bikes I’m fairly clueless.
I’m looking for recomendations to replace the Ripper.

I do a fairly heavy duty 90 minute ride (45 mins each way) through some pretty hectic trucking lanes, the Ripper is perfect for gonig from pavement to road, so it’d need to be fairly havey duty.

Something with as little gears as possible that can handle pretty rough terain… Oh and I’m budgeting about a grand.


Something like this?
Or a SS rigid like a Kona Unit.

^ Is that username legit or is Rolly taking the piss?

i’m taking the piss, but no complaints from whatever really so far. i think he likes it.

Surly steamroller?

I had something like that before the Ripper with 700cc tyres, constant flats. Ended up selling it and buying the Ripper.

GT Peace, can be had in either 26" or 29", can be found with EBB or sliding dropouts, definately huckable.

Or a cheap GT Zaskar 9r, just convert to SS.

Avanti KISS is also another option.

I have a Charge Duster 26" with EBB I’ve been meaning to sell…

That’d do the job.

chain/ cog and a bit of bling?
I’ve seen what you do to bikes.

Cheers guys, I’ll have a look through.
Nice one.

Mmm Honzo