Bike route city to murrumbeena

Hi All,

just wondering if anyone here commutes to the city from down murrumbeena way as i am currently looking after my boss’s place and cant seem to find a cycle friendly path to commute.

the shortest distance would be straight down princes hwy but it’s always busy and i dont want to die.

Gardiners creek trail will take you into the city.

this is where i live and i go a few ways the quickest for me is down nerim road into glen eira rd down to napean hwy then follow that and cut through to canterberry rd and into the city.

also what ash said , but avoid that after a lot of rain there gets a lot of mud over the trail

exactly what i was looking for!
will give it a shot tonight.


no worries and if you want a more scenic route go straight over napean hwy and you come out on beach rd thats a nice refreshing ride in the morning along the beach then follow that to port Melbourne and follow the bike track along the 109 tram route bring you into the city near the casino …

haha thanks bud.

scenic route, dinner + movies it is…