Bike shops in Malaysia?

I’m going to Kuala Lumpur over Christmas to do very little except lie by a pool, eat and drink cocktails. Don’t plan to do heaps of shopping, let alone bike shopping, but if there is somewhere worth going, let me know. Mainly after road stuff, got enough sweet fixie parts. Also, is bike stuff cheaper over there?

I know a few cats on here have been over there recently.


There is one really really good shop owned by the ex Malaysian track and road cycling coach. So much cool old stuff everywhere. Its very cluttered but very cool. I will find out the name for you Jolan. BT Stealth in the window which was pretty cool.


Email faz, he will let you know where they all are his email is on his site 247bigtime he might even have some info on them on there.


Cheap Sugino 75 and Zen stuff hopefully?

Check out Grafa they have all kinds of bike stuff for sale and a new Cafe.

No. 55, SS15/4B, 47600 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. Tel/Fax : +6 03 5611 7600 Email :

I found a kickass bike shop in Georgetown (Penang) if you’re heading over that way I can give you an address.

no more bike stuff in grafa. its just design and cafe now.

Maybe, but unless its a Sugino 75 road groupset…

Cheers. We’re heading to Penang as well.

I live in KL at the mo. I can say the stuff here are much cheaper than anywhere else. But mostly focused on road bikes and MTB. CX here is non-existent. Some of the exotic stuffs like AX can also be found. Also, sometimes they dont keep stock, we’ll have to order from the retailer and it takes 2-3 days, no hassle.

The shop Gypsy mentioned just now is Joo Ngan in KL, owned by former national track cyclist. He sells his stuff mostly to national track cyclists, sports school, and he charges a heap since the govt paid for it. Regular cyclist dont go anywhere near there.

In KL, the new SRAM Red is only RM5,800 = $1,800.
Ultegra RM2,700
105 RM1,750
Bora one = RM5,500 (but may have to order), among other things.

Few shops you might want to visit

Very much brick and mortar shop. Not setup like a boutique shop but LW, AX brakes, new Shimano C35 wheels, Storck, are pretty normal stuff you can see in the shop. Ask for an old man, Boon Foo. Btw he’s very loud. This is the go-to bike shop if you want things ordered for you. I buy lots of my stuff from him as well. You might want to come after lunch time on weekdays if you want him to entertain you tho when the shop is not too busy.
Pretty regular bikeshop. At the moment they have a buy one free one jersey from 2011 season. Quite a bargain if you ask me. [edit: RM220 for two]

KSH Cycle
Also a regular bikeshop. Got nothing nice or bad to say about this shop. Last time I heard, a friend got a new 2011 Reynolds Assault for RM2,500 ($780).

Godzilla Cycle
A one man shop. Good mechanic. Good service. But according to him “in this bike industry, if you want good products you’ll have to wait.”

Well the name says it all.

All of the shops are within 10-20 mins drive from KL. Theyre all located in Damansara, so once youre there its not that far to jump from one shop to another.

PM me if you have any specific questions.

Excellent! Thank you.

If anything, I’ll be looking for stuff to finish off my CX, which is pretty much road parts anyway (SRAM Rival shifters, batrape, etc) or MTB parts (pedals, shoes), so I might be in luck.

Jolson have you seen the SRAM mixed group on bna
Not sure how much gear you need though

*cant edit on iPhone sorry jolan not Jolson not zoltan

Using this.

I did, all I need is shifters.

Jolson Prison Blues.

Rival shifters 279 on Wiggle, they had 10% off just recently, that’s like 250. Good price??

It sure is. Might try and find a % off code.

EDIT: Outta stock for 2-7 days. Found the 10% off code too.

Good bike shop in Penang - Gary Yap Chun Hong, 216 Carnavon Street, 10100 Georgetown Penang

There is another bike shop across the road (heading in a north east direction) which had all kinds of steez including a CAADX and some cyclocross stuff. I remember being like WTF because it was like an oasis in the middle of this pretty dingy looking neighbourhood.