bike shops open boxing day?

so, i just broke a spoke, and i need my bike pretty much every day through the holiday season. anyone know of a bike shop open boxing day? have car, will travel.

Cecil Walker are usually open Boxing Day.

I got an email from Ivanhoe cycles and Bicycle HQ, both open 9 to 5 boxing day.

What size and type normal j.bend etc.

well, they were white and bladed, but i don’t want to push my luck.

normal j bend, long enough to reach from a low flange hub to a velocity a23…

Your welcome to borrow my pista’s if you can’t get a spoke.

thanks man, but it’s on my road bike. i think i’ve sorted out a loaner until the new year.

Sounds like a cx ray or similar not something most shops would have to hand. Your best bet would be to like you say borrow wheels and get it fixed later do you need it for the bay crits. SRAM is doing neutral support if you really get into trouble for wheels.

nah, steering clear of them this year. didn’t have the most fun ever last year.

thanks for all your help folks, but i think it’s sorted.