bike snob nyc

For those who don’t read Dan’s blog, he posted the link to this today.

It is piss funny.

bike snob nyc

well, it’s official.
i’m going to hell. or i’m coming back as something with 6 legs.
brookes been telling me that for years but i never believed her.
now i know it’s true.
i have yet to find a post in this blog that i disagree with.
and you have no idea how hard it is for me to admit that i actually agree with a blog. any blog.
but i have yet to find anything i disagree with.
particularly the stance taken on brakes.
yep, i see a future after death that involves running under the fridge when the light gets switched on and trying to avoid the hormonal lure of roachmotel.

He is just dishing out a strong dose of reality.

someone please explain playing cards as spoke cards to me!
i’ve seen lots of people do this and i can never work out why.
just do any alley cat, or most group rides and you’ll get a real one.
why playing cards?
6 letters, starts with M, ends with T.

Best spoke-card I ever had wasn’t a real one. Just reinforced plasti-card stuff with a license plate number and DAG on it. Found it on the ground on a Saturday ride.

Heritage makes a spoke card real? Meh, smells like traditional values to me.

6 letters, starts with M, ends with T…

can i buy a vowel?

too late


This is great, it is like maddox but for bikes. cheers.

yep, andy’s old colnago.
love the post he did for the free association thing.

he refutes andy’s claim to have a photo of him in his latest quiz.