Bike stand / rack for home.

Between my girlfriend and I we have 4 bikes that we store under the stairs in our townhouse. Two of the bikes have risers, two have drops. We need a rack solution where the wheels hold up the bikes in a rack. At the moment one bike is leaning on the wall, and the other three lean against that. I’m scared about dinging or scratching the frames and the the wall is getting scratched from bars and pedals and stuff.

Are there any decent bike racks out there to solve this? I thought I saw some single ones on that you could connect together but I couldn’t see them earlier today…

And yes, we’re looking at buying a new house, so don’t suggest that.

All depends on the space available. Or just htfu about a few scratches.

This might help?

This gave me some ideas

An old oil heater is what i use.

The gaps between the fins are just right for tyres up to about 30c. I found one at council pick-up that was knackered. Works a treat.

Have a look at torpedo7:

I made this for my garage:

I use an old steel heater, I think filled with oil, they have vertical slots/gaps which are perfectly sized to roll a wheel into and hold it near vertical, also are nice and heavy so they wont fall over.
Sometimes available in hard rubbish or garage sales.
Can get about 4 bikes in one side (about 3 feet) so if you have a long narrow space could get more bikes in the other side of the heater, using different slots.
Might not fit fat MTB tires in them but no probs for up to 1.25 inch wide fatboy slick.
I have 2 of these in the shed holding 6-8 bikes depending on fleet movements.
Warning - unplug heater or you might melt the tires!!
Hey Bender great minds think alike!!!

Paging xerlex for photos of his excellent homebuilt bike storage system.

I made one for the garage out of 2x4 and some hooks from cunno’s. hard to explain the details but it holds 4 bikes from the front wheel. It was pretty easy. I got the idea from the bike racks at our work. come have a look at it sometime.

show pics people. I need ideas too.

im using the lifeline ones, nice and cheap from wiggle. Does the job, and you can move and rearrange where you put them if you have multiple bikes.

$22 from wiggle.

Mine is basically like this:

but made out of wood and holds four bikes.

I rent so had to make it freestanding so I wouldn’t have to drill into the wall.

My approach to in-shed storage:

$4.95 (a pair) padded hooks from K-mart, screwed into a length of 3x1 TP which in turn is screwed to the ceiling joists (you might not get away with this if you are renting :smiley: )

Do you reckon the hooks can pull the wheel out of true?

Have I ever told you how much I enjoy your posts shortsie?

It’s as if you’re a younger, version of CraigC.

I ain’t no rapist!

Everytime I see that scooter/bike contraption, I cringe CC! :smiley:

HTFU? I didn’t buy a fancy Keirin frame to scratch the shit out of it.

i have a few walls in my house so i dont have to lean them on top of each other in the same small spot, dont care if it looks messy as i am just a bro anyway

‘A few scratches’ is different to ‘scratch the shit out of it’. Do you plan to ride this fancy Keirin frame or just look at it?

i thought this sh1t was cool, but you’d need some space.

this is my solution - hang em by there saddles over a second hand ikea clothes rack that I picked up for about $5 at a garage sale. I have all 5 up there in the pic but its usually only 4 which is a bit more manageable. You just slide the others apart to choose your weapon for the days riding. probably not one for those who are anal about scratching paint.