Bike stand / rack for home.

I as using a setup like that ^ and it was ok, but now i need to make something to hang 6 bike VERTICALLY in my loungeroom.

Thinking of building a frame out of some 2x4’s and having it learn against the wall with some foam protection and nail into the floorboards to stop sliding due to living in a Rental and not being able to make and proper fixtures to the building.

toothpaste (old school white, none of that weird striping) has been known to hide many wall holes in rentals :wink:

Yes. I ride it.

I just don’t like leaning bikes against other bikes if there’s no need.

Here’s the set up at the moment (with my fancy Keirin bike)*.

If I could get a rack that just sat on the floor and held the wheels in place I’d be happy.

I don’t have a massive area to store the bikes (and under the stairs is the best spot anyway), and I’m getting in trouble for destroying and dirtying the wall. My girl owns the house… but she doesn’t want it look like a dump.

I’ll check out Wiggle.

*We just got new floors laid, the house isn’t always that empty.

I thought I was the only one. Mine’s good for 40mm tyres.

had one of those ikea racks in the garage, just tried it out as a bike stand. pretty good idea. works well for my 3 bikes… anymore and it would get annoying haha
+1 to that

Jolan an oil heater for your application is the way to go for sure. It wouldn’t look out of place without bikes in it and will do the job of protecting the walls.

Here is mine, 2x4’s in principal (actually silky oak), alloy fork at the top wrapped in bar tape = no scratches. No fixing to the wall required, thinking about building a heavier duty fork to allow to stack 2 deep.

Is it fixed to the floor?

That spot looks perfect for a floor rack for 3 bikes (oil heater or similar but less agricultural rack) - And then a fancy wall hanger for the Keirin.

Might take some convincing, but if you find the right display hanger (and protect the wall) you could hang it up a bit higher than the others but still under the stairs. Just find a stud to bang it into, so it doesn’t pull out a chunk of plasterboard.

Then admire the Keirin (v.niice by the way) and keep it out of the way of the others.

Any damage to a wall can be fixed.

Nope, rubber feet. Gravity holds it in place, have knocked it numerous times but havn’t manged to get near tipping it.

yes! this is the exact same principle I was thinking of! except I want to build a wider version and plan to rig mounts to hang by a wheel vertically to take up less room on a particular wall of ours.

much like Capt Commuters, so i can put a couple of tubs below to store riding gear/tools/bits and pieces.

I was a bit worried about the base sliding out on the floorboards so i was thinking of anchoring it with a couple of screws that can be puttied up afterwards.

nice job mate.

I like this idea.
Perhaps with a stronger fork you can hold two bikes vertically using hooks!

If you’ve got a carpet floor just get some screws that are a little longer than your base board is deep and screw the through with about 5mm hanging out. That’ll hold it.

I honestly wouldn’t bother with screws in the bottom, some big rubber feet hold it really well. If it were floor boards i would find some really sticky feet or add a couple more along the bottom.

In regards to hanging from the wheels I think it could work really well. Just have to make sure that your base piece is wider and protrudes further from the wall than the bikes you are hanging, make then in theory it will only get more stable as you add weight to it (supposing your structure can support it :slight_smile: )

I’m keen to make this happen.

I have four bikes here, and my two housemates have one each aswell, So I’m aiming to accomodate 6-7 bikes.
Screws in the base might be necessary for the rig I’ve got planned in my head.

Finish uni this week, reset for a week, then I’ll begin this project, build it and document the process so others can borrow and improve upon it.
I’ll draw it all up on the computer and include some in progress pictures then upload a PDF somewhere.

I got some racks from Velogear, which hold the wheel (rear or front) bought individually but can be slotted together to allow a row bikes. My main reason was because i didn’r have to lift bike onto rack, it just wheels in. Too easy.

I thought that at first. Then I realized it was easier to drill into the wall and patch and paint it when I moved out then it would have been to make a complex free standing rack.

Another ikea alternative:

there’s a few different homemade designs on instructables, just search for “bike storage” or something like that. There’s one particularly good one that stores 5 bikes and apparently only cost $25 to put together

if you have some drop bars, attach them to a wall, and you can hang the bike onto the drop bits…

(boy im struggling to put my ideas into words today…)