Bike storage.

How do you store your bikes inside? I have four at the end of my bed and it doesn’t really give me much room in my bedroom. Looking for something to store them that’s a little more space friendly. Can’t go bolting things to the walls though 'cos it’s a rental property.

You can get a version of these thing - - for cheap from Torpedo 7 sometimes, seems alright.

Pretty keen just to get a big steel frame (like a clothes rack or whatever) and hang the bikes along a wall by the saddles, like you do at DISC.

Anyway, throw some space saving ideas at me! Bikes must be inside, not in shed or nuttin’.

I’ve got a 1 + 1 bike stand that is for sale if you like.

Brisbane local.

we have a pointless room at the back of the house that houses 5 bikes 2 drumkits some reel to reel 1/4" tape machines a sewing machine and various other crap.

have been thinking about getting some wallracks as one of the walls is brick.

I’ve got one of these.
phantom used to sell them but it’s not on their site ATM.
it also works great as a hat stand

one beside my bed, one at the end of the bed. frame on wall, wheels beside desk. ive got a shitty small room…

I got two of these

One’s down stairs in the front room and the other in the upstairs bedroom.

I’m lucky, we can fit four under our stairs (and that includes a massive ladies Malvern Star with front basket.

I have an old coal shed that had hooks already in the roof beams - I have 4 bikes hanging up and one resting against the wall - it will get complicated when some of my other projects get done but hanging them up by hooks is a great way to go… :smiley:

Buy a new shed.

I have a loft bed with enough space to hang 4 bikes underneath.