Bike Storage

So I’ve been identified as the biggest cycling nerd at work and therefor an expert on Bike Racks, which they now want me to find for the growing number of bikes that are crowding various fire escapes, generally looking untidy and embarrassing my awesome Carrera.

Basically looking for one that’ll take 6 to 8 bikes, is black or Steel (brushed would be lovely, but will settle for polished), must actually work, but obviously appearance is more important than functionality.

The kicker is, it needs to be one that sits on the ground (can’t hang anything off the walls) - which means after half an hour of trawling, This TORPEDO7 5 Bike Floor Stand - Torpedo7 is the only one I’ve found that fits the bill - which I think looks a bit crap.

And yeah, before the use-the-search-function Police jump in, I did, and if you must know, this now stands as about the 5th thread entitled ‘bike storage’.

If work is made from money, get something custom made. Draw something up and take it to a welder.

I took this pic when in Japan, they know how to do it.

Otherwise Gripsort make them Grip Sport - Australia’s first and only Specialist Bicycle Engineers

Velocity make them for up to 10 bikes

We use a gravity rack at work. Obviously only holds two bikes, but we figured out that you can get around that by purchasing more than one gravity rack.

They’re great. Two bikes stacked against the wall and absolutely no mounts required.

two of THESE?

we’ve got a long one at work that holds 15-20 bikes, angle parking, just two hoops to keep bikes upright. agricultural as hell, but does the job.

If you want, this product ‘Freestyler’ Floor Stand - Bicycle Victoria might work. The guy that organises the stuff is pretty helpful too. Just depends on your price tag, but it’s worth giving him a call.

Bicycle Victoria do a bunch - Bike Parking - Bicycle Victoria

This is all excellent. Thanks folks! - and not one inane comment from Mr Dylan!

Hey man You should pile them all u…


I guess I’ll just fuck off then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Velogear do bike racks too.

This is our set up at work. i think it was from Bunnings, just sits in the reception area.