bike swap rumour

Hey just wondering if anyone has any information on a bike swap meet this weekend coming, was talking to Darren and he mentioned something about it but didnt have any details, thought maybe you polo guys new something bout it.

A bit too close to wife swapping for my taste. Not that I have an unhealthy attraction to my bikes…

i haven’t heard anything, but it sounds like a good idea

EDIT: think it might be this:

It’s not the first one ëver as they proclaim… i’ve been to at least three others.

My mate Tim is involved in orgainising the meet, could be a big roadie turn out… but yes it ain’t the first swap meet but I guess it’s the first they’ve put on at the new Bike Station. Worth a look.

Bike Station?

I’ve been away for two weeks and all this new shit in Adelaide is happening!

I picked up the flyer for this a few weeks ago at bike express. The old guy behind the counter smirked at me when I reached for it, he saw the ‘fixie’ I arrived on.

Has anyone been to this bike station? I’m intrigued.

Could be a fantastic opportunity for elephant trunk skids.

Come to the PACC points race crit instead at Edwardstown Velo!

So… was it any good?

I think about 50 turned out… lot of roadie gear, a few deals here and there. $1800 for a set of zipp 404 or whatever… I think the guys were disappointed they didn’t sell.

But is anyone interested in another? Wheaty on a saturday arvo in the shed? films and beers and buying bits?

Yup yuppity yup