Bike that can't track

What horrible things will happen if the rear and front wheel were out of alignment by a small amount?

Wobble uncontrollably? Assplode the matrix? Catch on fire? I’ve not a clue and it’s bugging me.

(I’ve posted a similar thread but got bugger all responses)


You might not even notice. It might pull slightly to left or right - that’s about all I can think of. You are safe from assplosion though.

You get a bit of a yaw torque which changes direction and strength depending on whether you’re braking or accelerating and how hard. I’m guessing it’s not that noticeable on a bicycle.

might be hard to ride with no hands

Thanks guys.

This is good, I’ve ridden it a fair bit and have not noticed anything. I think it may bring my wheels out of true a bit quicker but they’re pretty tough and it’s a tiny alignment issue.

takes new frame off of shopping list

If it is steel a good shop should be able to cold set it straight…