Bike Thief Justice


A friend of mine had his ride stolen from outside his work about three months ago. Just a Bianchi Hipista that had been ‘pimped’ with the usual upgrades (Dura Ace cranks, custom front wheel and gold bar tape(?!) ) etc.

Anyway, I receive a call from said friend yesterday stating that he had just spotted his bike being locked up outside a pub near my house in Richmond. We grab the crew and bang down there with bike locks drawn etc ready for a showdown. My mate had already called the cops so there was going to be no street style revenge.

Anyway, turns out junkie(ish) dude that was riding had been lent the bike by a ‘friend’ that he couldn’t remember the name of or where he lived. Some friend hey :wink:.

Happy ending with dude scheduled for magistrates court appearance in April and bike returned.

I just don’t get why he hadn’t changed anything or bothered riding a bike that was clearly 3 sizes too big for him about a block away from where he stole it.

Was this at the spread eagle?

Yeh, where you there?

I was on my way in and at first glance thought it was your bike, then second look realized it wasn’t, went inside had a beer didn’t see anything after that.

oh and I’m trying to educate my wife that not all bianchi’s are hipsters as she keeps pointing out, i think she just overheard someone say it and now repeats it, so if you hear her take no offense.

Mine was there as well but these two bike are either end of the size scale that’s for sure.

Do you live in Richmond?


Yeah sherwood street just down from bridge rd.

i went to a party last week where someone parked a bike in the hallway of the unit block, and after a little while it was gone.

we could tell it was the neighbours that stole it though cos we could see it sitting in their loungeroom through their window :roll:

Did you smash their door down and retrieve it?

i saw a dude riding my stolen gt alloy track bike(lot of those around) down the local trendy shopping street…3 years later. completely same,even tyres/tape. called cops,confrontation,recited frame number from memory= mine again.sweeeet.

Good on ya george!

This is the best way to approach the situation.

A happy ending- been reading too many negative cycling stories lately, so good work!

vigilante style revenge would’ve been a good option too.

Would have made a better story at least.

Go and paint your bike fluro.

Thread is full of bike locks and win.


so yeah did ya? awaiting happy ending