Bike Tsundoku

Rather than hijack Incomplete Streets thread:

Alpine GT - Shogun: The story of a dedicated not-all-dirt tourer instead of touring on my Nishiki everyday bike. Reliant on me rebuilding the Nishiki for not touring (I am actually halfway through this now)

Unknown 700c canti frame - (Centurion?) ex-JDL/erle/etc: A purchase of passion with no real plan. A drab story, needing respraying to add some vibrancy. Maybe build it up instead of the Alpine GT? Maybe CX it? Maybe sell it?

Benotto - Benotto: In the theme of Columbus. Bought for $100 in not bad condition. Planned a Campy 8sp build, then 10sp, now who knows.

Ventoux - Peugeot: An inherited tale in the Reynolds/pseudo French theme. Sold to Mouche. Planned for a 600 tricolour build, but then…

979 - Vitus ex-Sime: A romantic story brought about by getting carried away with exotica. Maybe a 600 tricolour build, but now those wheels are going on something else. Maybe a pseudo #SOTB with an ENO? Squirmy.

595 - LOOK: An economic story on a little known subject. I have actually read a bit of this in a different guise and am much intrigued. Pretty much ready to get stuck into this one, just need to get off the internet.

Epic - Specialized: I’ve read this one a bit too, but not for ages. I’ve often thought of moving it on, but it wouldn’t get replaced, and it works. It’s pretty much ready to rip, but I still haven’t WNRed it cos all talk and no action.

Mixte - Madison: A pretty little story, ready for a reader that will love it. Next in line for reading, it will hopefully be a story of utility, style, comfort and the occasional adventure, set in NZ.

Performance - Apollo/Kuwahara: I’ve read this one. I loan it out and ride it to places where it might get stolen. It’s well overdue to return to the library, but it needs new tyres, and I have a SS wheelbuild ready to lace up, but when?

Trailbreaker - Shogun: My dog’s favourite story. Picked up very cheaply by accident and turning out to be a lot of fun, but the true story is one of frankenstein; Woodchippers and Shimergo. When will this story be told?

Sunset LTD - Locomotive (me): This is my autobiography. It’s looking beautiful but it terrifies me somehow. The draft was written just over 2yrs ago but has taken an age to mature. It was almost ready to publish but then found to have bent during shipping, so it’s gone back to the drafting table. The idea of the Locomotive moniker is that it represents power, stamina, unyielding force, persistence, efficiency and is generally unstoppable. This doesn’t reflect me at all. The double meaning is the Loco (crazy) motive (method of transport, crazy intent), which suits me more. I wonder what the bike will be like…

I used to buy every frame my size that was for sale and never did anything with any of them.

Now I just have unused bikes hiding in every nook and cranny around the house. Well, my complete SOTB sans wheels is behind a door, single speed Pompino that I really need to sell is hiding too, and a CX bike I had every intention of using but have only ridden five times since I bought it a year ago is sitting in the laundry.

I just finished building two mixtes. Then I bought a step through for 10 bucks, then another mixte. I have no idea what the hell I’m gonna do with 4 lady bikes.

get 3 lady friends, and ride them…


i think i can tsundoku with the best of them.
check my photobucket.
i don’t even ride, bro!
50+ bikes in there, and i’ll bet half of them did less than 100km under my lazy arse, and i reckon another 25 never even made it to photobucket status.
but that’s okay. i love bikes, and i love you guys, and you love me, and that’s all that matters!
bikes is love.

My best effort…

Columbus TSX Concorde Squadra with 8sp 600 STI.

Bought it in June 2013, locked it up at work that day. Never rode it, barely looked at it and it never even made it to my house. Sold it to Lukemarkof a few months ago and just gave him the key. I think it’s probably locked up in the same place.

Hopefully Luke will make something beautiful out of it.

I roofed my mountain bike a year ago, rode it until about April then it sat in the shed while I worked two jobs for 6 months or so, then got enthused and sent fork in for a service 3 weeks back to find that the impact onto the CTD adjuster had bent the adjuster rod inside the damper, $300-odd worth of damage I can’t afford to repair/replace, so it’s now sitting with a gutted, deflated fork for who knows how much longer until I decide what to do with it…next to a showpiece '92 Mongoose IBOC Team I’m 99% finished building up as a wall-sitter, and a roadbike I use sporadically.
…I want to buy a gravel bike. Le sigh.