Bike vs Car

They happen all the time I know… but sometimes the stupidity and irresponsibility of drivers just makes you cringe.

Left work yesterday (Bris) heading down the footpath waiting for a break in traffic to get across on the road. Adelaide St towards the valley for locals benefit.

In front of me some clown is reversing (very badly) back down the road, I see two busses coming around the corner into the other lane behind him. First I thought he’d reverse into the first bus, unfortunately the bus missed him because between the busses was a cyclist, the clown reverses across the centreline and the collects the cyclist.

The guys hand and bars took the wing mirror off the car, the guy binned it pretty badly in the middle of the road and the second bus narrowly missed them both.

Cut his hand up pretty bad and seemed to me like a broken rist/forearm.

Joker in the car acted like a saint, like reversing into oncoming traffic is normal practice, his car was still 2 foot over the centre line.

Did you punch the car driver in the face, then smash a broken bottle into his neck?

I was more worried about getting help for the poor bloke on the ground and getting him the purps details and a list of witness details.

Your suggestions do have merit though. i’ll remember the broken bottle next time.

A response with less ramifications but still pretty funny is to grab the keys out of the ignition and throw them down a stormwater drain.

Then he will have a while to think about it.

DAMN, thats good :evil:

One of the couriers in melburn did just that, the van was stuck in the middle of Collins and Exhibition st for 4 hours.