Bike Vs Truck Hit & Run - not good

Just had a friend send me this.

Cyclist injured in truck crash in Exhibition Street Melbourne

Hope it wasn’t anyone here, the rider makes a full recovery and the driver is found.

Seriously fucking shit.

shit, looking at the bike post crash it looks really serious.

Just read that, shitty shitty thing. Hope the rider is okay, be careful out there guys.

Rode down the same stretch not an hour earlier. - It’s a mess. No bike lane, heaps of bikes, plenty of moving cars + lots of parked cars.

I was gonna say in the missed connections thread Chas - back when I used to ride Exhibition I’d generally try to take the lane. Being squeezed between parked cars and moving vehicles is the last place you want to be along there.

Hope that guy is ok.

i was a little worried briefly as it looks like your pizza bike with the green around the bottom bracket. then saw derailleur and breathed a sigh of relief.

urgh, guy could be in for a rough time, but i reallllllllly hope they recover ok :frowning:

a good friend of mine was cleaned up there a few months ago. 2 months in hospital and she wont be out of a wheelchair for another 2-3 months.

There has got to be cameras in that part of the city that should identify the truck. What a tragic accident, I do hope the rider recovers and the hit & run driver is penalized accordingly.

Thoughts go out to the rider, family and friends. As for the driver, forego the fine and chain the fucker to the ground at the next CX race so we can use them as a human barrier.

Man this looked real nasty! Dudes lid and bike were still on the road covered in blood and sectioned off by cops for hours.
theyve left now bit there’s still blood on the road, thought they woulda cleaned it up??
anyways hope the dude pulls through and that prick driver is caught

Latest update;

“The truck driver, apparently unaware of the incident, continued on to a CBD construction site. A witness was able to note down the details of the truck to assist police.
Police have made contact with the driver who has assisted them with their inquiries and at this stage it appears no charges will be laid.”

Sadly I’m not suprised

As per usual negligence is likely to go unpunished.

a lot of big trucks are taking stuff from building sites in that part of the city and paying scant attention to red lights. I don’t trust any truck driver to see me or pay heed to a light or hook turn rule.

Flemington rd. is full of dump trucks now with the old Children’s Hospital being demolished and the huge hole that’s being dug for the cancer hospital.

I wouldn’t trust them at all in a car, let alone on a bike., actually it mus tbe hard to see us in a truck.

Exchanging Places - YouTube

If you get a speeding ticket can you say you didn’t see the sign?

exactly what happened to my friend. driver had no idea until he was told.

How the fuck do you run over someone and not realise?!

And… if the gap was that small, why didn’t the fucker slow down and give right of way to the cyclist, given he was probably ahead of him. The onus is on the driver to pass at a safe distance regardless of the circumstances.

FFS, TWU members are the first to crack the shits over any small OHS, safety infringements in the workplace, but don’t give a shit about it elsewhere, roads in particular.

I dunno if you can assume that the cyclist was in front of the truck, just as likely, in peak hour, that the cyclist was tryin to squeeze past when the truck took off or whatever.

I hear ya though, situation is fucked.

Untill you have driven heavy machinery you don’t understand there size and power,
Lets not jump to conclusions, I have seen just as many bad cyclists as bad truck drivers.
I’m not sticking up for any one I hate any accident.

Ant man how much heavy machinery have you had to operate on busy city streets, trust me its just as stressful as riding a bike.
If he did do a runner burn him but I have operated heavy machinery and its easy to run over things and not even know it
Lets just hope every one is ok