Bike Weights

What does your bike weigh? My Ken is 8.8kg… most of which would be the Deep V rims.

Light-Bikes has a 5.2kg singlespeed… but it also has a 3.3kg road bike(with a 43g seat). I’m going to look on WeightWeenies later and figure out a ‘dream’ weight.

Anyone got a serious weenie machine?

6.8k for the track bike with 23’s. Add on a bit more for the 28’s I’m now running and some more for dirt. It’s probably about the same as it was to begin with now that I’ve got cut down flat bars on there (thanks Nick).

3.3kg… I have left ‘picnic bars’ at the ‘pool’ that weight more than that!

that begs the question of why anyone would want such an obscenely expensive bike which is completely unridable. On that level he’s kind of like one of those “wall art” collectors who have old PX10s and Masi Grand Criteriums without any miles on them.

  • Joel

I think my bike actually has negative weight. I sometimes have to fetch it out from trees on very windy days.

I reckon it would be pretty rideable… if you were 55kg.

steel track frame made from decent tubing; 1500g
campy track groupset; ~1500g
mavic open pro’s x2 ; ~1000g (tubulars might be cheaper)

then 1000g of spokes, chains, seats, bars, stems, tyres, pedals…

I think you could go close to 5kg if you tried.

Doesnt this belong in the movie quotes thread? Caddyshack :wink:

roguedubb’s rig is 6.8??? geezus that makes something below 5 astonishing… i can even imagine what it would feel like.

has anyone ever actually ruined any super lightweight gear cos they were too heavy/strong? i’ve seen schmokle bars and tune gear ridden hard on training bikes and they seem as indestrucable as anything else…

i read cervelos blurbs about their R3 being stronger, stiffer and lighter than pretty much anything else, citing their efpb test or whatever it is. do people believe that? and how about other manufacturers, including those making components and parts? I’d love to believe it, but without having any experience on anything remotely near that level of kit, my jury is squarely (and happily) out.

Some of the lightest hubs i could find were White Industries, and they’ve ‘got the goods’.

White industries and Tune hubs. yummy. American Classics are light but they tend to blow up. oh dear. WI “gearie” hubs are amazing though. I still have a circa 1998 “Speed Racer” hub with a ti freehub, running perfectly. Replaced one bearing last year. In love for life.

  • Joel

Do Tune make track hubs? Couldn’t see them on the site…

no I don’t think so. Your bike is about to get heavier though spuddy - item sent :wink:

  • Joel

6k to 8k seems to be easy enough to do for a reasonable price (well, I guess reasonable price is very subjective). Below that and it’s all big $'s and carbon bling like 853 with that saddle.

really though - as long as your wheels are light the rest can be a middleweight and it will ride like a hummingbird. Weight placement is more important than total weight!

  • Joel

I am going to respectfully disagree with Joel on this one.

Weight makes almost no practical difference wether it is located on the wheels, cranks, frame, seat or rider. If you are weight weenieing on a budget just do a $/gram comparison and lighten the cheapest stuff first.

When I loose 10kg off my fat ass I will be riding the equivalent of a weightless bike :slight_smile:

I think I have to differ again.

Riding the F800 with big heavy tyres, eno eccentric and a fat rim makes for a heavy wheel. It’s noticably harder to spin up and skid when compared to the track bike, despite the lower gearing. A minor weight difference would probably be easily missed, but this is one I notice every time I get on the F800.