Bike wrenching workshops in Canberra

Someone just forward me this, wheelbuilding classes in particular might interest some on this forum:


This email is going out to a small group of Canberra riders who have
expressed interest in, or who can be presumed to be interested in
(forgive the presumption), coming along to a few bike maintenance and
repair workshops being held in Canberra over the summer months. We’ll
be having a few casual, but structured, workshops classes in Canberra’s inner North, starting Thursday the 8th of

This coming Thursday the 1st of December will be an introductory meet at a location in Canberra’s inner North, just to get to know a few people and
feel out what sort of interest there might be from the local cycling
community. We’ll go over the projected contents of the 8 three hour
workshops we plan to run and hopefully get some feedback from you guys.
If you know anyone who might be interested in attending a couple (or
all) of the workshops, please bring them along. There will be no
charge for this Thursday’s intro, and there’ll be a few bikes there to
demonstrate the different mechanical systems that will be covered.

The plan is that the workshops will be quite comprehensive, covering
all aspects of the topic in question. This is the rough format for the
8 sessions:

  1.  Introduction to bicycle mechanics and tooling, repairing flat

tyre, bike cleaning

  1.  Derailleur gear systems, setup, cable installation and


  1.  Cable operated brake systems eg V-brake, cantilever, road single

and dual pivot, road centrepull

  1.  Hydraulic disc brake systems, setup, hose trimming, aligment,

pad installation and replacement, troubleshooting and bleeding (Avid,
Shimano, Hayes)

  1.  Bottom bracket and crank systems eg square taper cartridge,

cottered cranksets, cup and cone, one piece crank BB servicing,
ISIS/Octalink systems, outboard bearing systems. Installation,
removal, servicing and ID of all systems

  1.  Hub servicing including cartridge hubs, freehub servicing of

non-cartridge freehubs, replacement of Shimano freehubs, servicing cup
and cone hubs, bearing adjustment and replacement

  1.  Wheel building 1 - component selection, hub, spokes, rim. Spoke

length calculation, 3x lacing, radial lacing.

  1.  Wheel building 2 - tensioning, truing, dish, run-out

Particular focus will be made on the mechanical principles in each
topic, allowing attendees to extrapolate their skills to systems not
explicitly covered, and allowing them to problem-solve issues they may
come across in future.

Every workshop will be hands-on. If you come along to a session, you
should bring a bike with you. At the end of the session you will have
covered the topic in depth, and have worked on the system in question
on your own bike. If we’re adjusting gears or brakes, you can expect
them to be running at a high standard at the end. All work will be
supervised by a professional mechanic. The work you do on your own
bike, with your own tools, during these sessions, can save you a lot
of money in a short period of time. We will provide a list of the tools
needed for each class and have some loaner tools for some of the less
common stuff.

So if you’re interested, please come along from 6:30 this Thursday,
there will be light refreshments, a full bike service workshop set up
to play with and a general bunch of good people.

Please RSVP to this address ( if you’re interested (no firm commitment
required) and if you pass this email on, please forward it in full!

Thanks very much, hope to see you this Thursday.

Cycle Technic

In. About time someone did this.

Source informs me that the first 6 workshops have been run, and that those 6, plus the two wheelbuilding workshops, will be run again, starting mid-late february. There’s talk of doing the following as well if enough interest can be gained. I’m guessing the cost may be a bit higher with a change of venue, but $80 for two wheelbuilding lessons is a lot less than $200 from Sydney Cyclist:

Tubeless wheel systems for mountain bikes including UST systems, Stans/Sun/FRM tape systems, alternate conversion methods eg split tube, tape, Stan’s conversion strips

Single chainring and single speed conversions for mountain and road bikes, including cassette and freewheel type hubs

Bike fit – correct sizing and set up of mountain and road bikes to maximise efficiency while avoiding discomfort or injury

Suspension servicing – Fox Float (F-series), Vanilla and FIT forks and Fox Float rear shocks (simple service)

Suspension servicing – Rockshox 32mm forks including Reba, Revelation and SID forks

Suspension servicing sounds like it could be a mess/great fun. I can’t imagine a group of 15 punters all with suspension forks in pieces asking questions at once.

  • Joel

I highly endorse this person, product and/or event.


Cheers Joel - I emailed the other day so i should get an update when the next round goes ahead.
Just pulled my bikes out of storage so looking forward to hitting the streets.
If you see an old chipped hand painted blue (fake) Colnago say hi.
I’ll be going slow as been off hte bike for a while.

Workshops are back on. Email if you’re interested.

  • Joel