Bishop Bikes X Victorie Cycles track hubs

These are pretty special. And we all know anything Chris Bishop touches turns to gold.

NAHBS 2012: Bishop bikes X Victoire Cycles

Hole-E shit, they are awesome

They remind me of Airlites:

Splined too!

Splined track hubs? No thanks.

“We also use aero grade 7075-T6 alloy, and the cog is reinforced by a special treatment, in order to increase the longevity. This provide an alloy cog that is harder than steel cogs”


I am, however, keen to see what Chris brings to NAHBS this year.

What’s wrong with splined?

I have been viciously abusing my white industries splined track hibset for years, and they are still pristine.
Admittedly they have a steel cog


Availability of cogs, proliferation of multiple ‘standards’.

There’s just nothing that special about these hubs. Cartridge bearing, fixed only, CNC machined body - not forged. Doesn’t grab me.

I’d rather JPW for a custom(ised) hub

Flasque rivets—Click All Sizes—JPW.
or some Maxicar hubs

Yes Blakey but they look cool, and are a modern re-interpretation. How is the average fixie kid going to find an NOS Airlite?
Out of interest, does the White Industries spline only fit WI sprockets?



try these instead. used by boardman for his world hour record / used by the british track team, who go alright / used by rich bastards / look hot.

Racing Gold Track Hubs (pr)

Fuck yeah Royce components.

Fuck yeah Titanium Nitride finish

Just did some groggling and 7075 alloys are in fact of a comparible strength to mild steel, even on rockwell hardness, tensile strength and shear strength. To say it’s harder probably is stretching the truth, but it ain’t made from old beer cans - its an excellent aluminium alloy - one of the best available. It corrodes a little worse than other alloys apparently and does well to be anodised.

Personally I see no problem with a splined track hub. From an engineering perspective, spines are a far superior method of connecting the two components than the conventional threaded lock ring system, which is antiquated and prone to failing when installed incorrectly or when inferior materials are used. It is however, a very cheap design for the manufacturers and does the job.

'cos all quality steel track cogs are made of mild steel :stuck_out_tongue:

like i said, stretching the truth. They are not going to be made from tool steel. The alumium will be lighter than the steel cog however.

Ugh. What Da Frog said.

And again, proliferation of standards isn’t a good thing. How many phone chargers / usb cables are gathering dust in your bottom drawer? Sure, splines are fine, but you’re locked into a proprietary system. If Chris Hoy is able to use a system, which is antiquated and prone to failing, without destroying hubs and sprockets, it’s fine for the rest of us. If the user is too much of a muppet to install a sprocket properly, they should either learn, or pay a mech.

If you’d bothered to actually read my posts you’d see I said from an Engineering perspective. It’s the industry standard, which is a standard because it’s been around for ages, and is very cheap for the manufacturers. It’s not the best system however, due to it’s inherent design flaws which no-one, not you or I can ignore. But it works and works quite well, and I’m sure I will continue to use it. Chris Hoy uses quality stuff, and it’ll be brand new. What’s the first thing you check when looking at a second hand track hub? The threads. I see your point on proliferation of standards - pity its not WI spined cogs. They could almost be another standard as more than one manufacturer makes cogs for their hubs.

UGH indeed, Sir

As a matter of interest I actually tested several threaded steel track cogs a while back, phil, surly and soma i think they were all around 45HRC.

Googling for 7075 hardness it’s appparently around 90 HRB which is off the bottom of the rockwell C scale but for arguments sake lest call it 20HRC.

I have been running an el cheapo steel cog on my nexus that was ~20HRC, it lasted somewhere between 500 and 1000 k’s.

It is for this reason that I’m unlikely to ever run an aluminium cog, sprocket, cassette, freewheel etc.