Black D-A Road Hubs

These look pretty sweet…cheap too, at the moment.

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Small flange? I’ve only ever seen the large flange versions.

I have a set of these in black in small flange. Much prettier in high flange, but much more expensive too.

I’ll be having a bid on these. I’ve got a project that they’ll be perfect for. Now all I need is to find a nice fluted SR Royal 26.8mm seat post and some black Royal Gran Compe brakes.

I wish you wanted these last year. In any case you’re a man of good taste. Finding the nutted version of those is gonna be tricky but I’m pretty sure most Dia Compe/Suntour centrebolts can swap out ok if you need to mod the later allen key mount bolts. In addition to the Royal … you might also like the SR Four Sir post. Pretty cool too :wink:

I had wondered about swapping the centrebolt over. I just missed a pair of nutted while I was waiting for the frame to show up and wasn’t sure if it was nutted or recessed. The hunt continues!

Just discovered I now have a set of these laced to some mismatched tubulars. Cool.

What did you score?! Wasn’t a farleigh was it?

I left these alone in the end, a forum member offered me something I couldn’t say no to (and then some).

Nah, this CX bike.

Nice! Was that a local pickup?

Yeah, bought it from Simon (Clarion). He got it from LFGSS originally I think.

That makes sense. I was wondering how such a bike would have ended up over here otherwise!