Black Mojo Fixie; smith St, in last couple hours

This is my mates bike,
Large black mojo fixie, black wheels and bmx pedals chrome brakes, see it, follow em or call the police straight away! Description below.
Call Sam on oh-four-25seven13288 if u see it
Nicked from on smith St, lock boltcut off.

Large mojo frame, speed racer model w 1" threaded fork/headset, quill stem, basically all black components Inc sugino crankset.
The give away would be the white scratches down the toptube, or the list of parts below.

STOLEN: my bike from smith st, in the last few hours. It was locked to an electricity post and they cut my cable. It’s a black single speed racer, black giant MTb pedals, black deep v rims, rear flip flop hub, front and back hand brakes, chrome and black levers, chrome brakes, flat black handle bars, black grips, black cranks, black sugino front cog. It also has white paint scratches on the top bar.

Smith St must be the bike theft capital of Melbourne.

I was in Smith Street just the other day, there is a shop on the west side about half way down which is a junk shop, but it is currently STACKED with pushies, everything from your 80’s junkers to a brand new looking MASI with a curved frame. Place looks pretty dodgy, might be worth looking in if you’ve had a bike nicked in Melbourne

The bike you describe sounds pretty close to one I saw in there (black frame and cog, deep Vs, I don’t recall many other details)

Might be worth a call to the local plod if that’s the case.

if it is indeed in there i reckon:

is it the one thats always open?

can someone go in and check if its there and take a photo for me and post it in this thread?

Sounds like the place, I’m not in that way often, but I’m sure someone else on here must be around there.

I have to go past on the way to work, I’ll have a quick look.

Apparently there are 2 up that end of Smith. I had a look in one the other day, but they were all hard rubbish junkers.

I’m thinking of the place just before the ANZ bank, is this the one everyone else is talking about? Or should I go have a look at this other one?

that’s the one I’m thinking of I’m pretty sure.